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Fixed: Recover Files from A Dead PC and Fix PC Fail to Boot Error

Posted on Nov 01, 2016 by Tracy King to File Recovery


You cannot boot your computer due to system failure or hardware error? Don’t worry for losing important files anymore. This article will provide you effective methods to recover files from a dead PC and fix computer fail to boot error with ease.

Problem: Cannot boot my computer, how to get my files back?

"My computer suddenly cannot boot anymore after Windows 10 update. Is it possible to reboot and load my computer again? I have some very important files and documents stored in my computer, and I want to know can I recover those files from the dead PC?"

"Hey there, do you know how to get data back when computer cannot boot? It seems that my computer is dead. I tried to boot the computer several times, it just won't let me login. Please help me if you know how to get my data back from the dead computer. Thanks."

Are you facing a similar problem that your computer fails to boot and keep you away from getting files back in your dead PC? Don't be panic. Effective methods are available here to help you fix PC fail to boot error and recover files from a dead PC with ease. All you need is just to follow below offered methods to fix all problems now.

Method 1. Recover files from dead PC and fix PC fail to boot error

To recover files from a dead PC, you need to firstly fix computer fail to boot error. And the most effective method is to reboot the dead PC from a WinPE bootable disk. After booting up PC, then you can try to recover files. 
Will it be too complex? Not at all. Only two simple steps will do with the help of professional data recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro with Bootable Media. This software can help you to create a WinPE bootable disk to reboot PC which fails to boot due and recover all important data with ease. You can free download this software and follow below two simple steps to recover files from dead PC and fix computer fail to boot error with ease now.

Step 1. Fix computer fail to boot error with WinPE bootable disk

1. Create a WinPE Bootable Media in a new computer which is running Windows 10 (or the same OS with your dead PC);
2. Connect the bootable disk with your Dead PC and Reboot PC: 
   Select to boot from EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro with Bootable Media and launch this software;
3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro with Bootable Media will recognize CD/DVD device or USB drive automatically; 
   You can also export ISO file into it;

Boot PC from bootable disk to fix PC fail to boot error.

4. Select CD/DVD, USB drive or ISO image and click Proceed;

Then the software will help you to boot PC with healthy system automatically. 

Step 2. Recover files from (dead) PC with data recovery software

After all these, you can then boot PC into a healthy state. Now you may run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to scan and restore lost files in your PC then. Just 3 simple steps will do:

Launch software > Select file types and location to scan > Preview and restore lost files.

Restore files from a dead PC.

After all these steps, you may change boot order in BIOS and move Removable Devices etc beyond hard drive and save the changes. Then you'll get a healthy computer back with all previous data.

Method 2. Recover files from a dead PC by removing hard drive to another computer

If your died computer won't boot from the bootable disk, some problems may have occurred to your computer's hardware such as the motherboard, CPU, memory, video card, power supply etc. Though under so many complex circumstances, the hard drive in computer may still work and all you need is to remove the hard drive and connect it with another new computer to restore all your important files.

Note: If your computer is still under a warranty, you may take your PC to be repaired firstly but not to directly open it and remove hard drive directly.

Here is the process:

  • Shut down the computer and switch off the power in PC, remove the battery and unplug PC from power outlet;
  • Open computer's case and locate the hard drive > disconnect hard drive cables, unscrew it and pull it out of the case;
  • Connect the hard drive to another computer: insert hard drive into the other computer or use an external drive bay;
  • Boot the new computer from its standard operating system from its main drive and then copy files from your old computer's hard drive.

If some files were lost, you can also use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for help to scan and restore all files from your dead computer's hard drive.