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How to Recover Files Deleted by McAfee Antivirus

Posted on Oct 28, 2016 by Jean to File Recovery


You can easily restore files deleted by McAfee antivirus software with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, and any deleted files recovery from antivirus program like Norton and Avast can be done by this powerful data recovery software.

Overview of McAfee Deleted Files Recovery

"McAfee is the only antivirus software I use on my Windows 7 computer. There is a problem when it completes scanning trojan, virus or malware, which makes me really uncomfortable, especially this morning, it deletes a very important document without my permission. That's it. You can't stop McAfee from deleting suspicious files, even it might be doing wrong. Now, I have to work out how to recover McAfee deleted files. Any suggestions?"

McAfee is one of the most popular antivirus software brands that aims to protect your computer from being attacked by malicious software, trojan or dreadful viruses. It blocks most of the outside intrusion, however, sometimes it overdoes its job by deleting everything that is "dangerous". That's why many people are asking for a powerful data recovery program to restore files deleted by McAfee.

How to Recover Automatically Deleted Files by McAfee?

If your "safe" files were automatically deleted by McAfee antivirus without asking your permission, first you may check the Recycle Bin. The deleted files may be out there, but that's less likely to happen. For a higher chance of recovery, you'd better use third-party file recovery software, such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, which is able to recover data deleted by antivirus, including the famous McAfee, Norton, Avast...

Just download the recovery software, and follow the 3-step guide below to restore McAfee deleted files.

Step 1. Select the hard drive (or external USB flash drive or SD card) where the lost files were stored and click "Scan" button

select a location and let the software scan lost data

Step 2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will start a quick scan first. After the quick scan completes, a deep scan will automatically launch in order to find more files.

scan hard drive where McAfee deleted files were stored

Step 3. After the scan is over, select the files that were deleted by McAfee and click "Recover" button to save the files to somewhere else other than the original place, to avoid data overwriting.

recover McAfee deleted files

Restore McAfee deleted files from quarantine

  • Open your McAfee Security product.
  • Click Navigation (or click the cog at the top right).
  • Click Quarantined and Trusted Items.
  • Open: Quarantined Items (for individual files) or Quarantined Potentially Unwanted Programs (for programs)
  • Select specific items individually, or click Select all.
  • Select: "Restore" to restore the item from Quarantine or Delete to delete the item from the list