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Outlook Not Working and Stuck at 'Processing', Fix It Now!

Updated on Nov 29, 2018 by Tracy King to File Recovery


This page tells how to repair and fix not working Outlook without losing any PST email files by simple clicks. Follow to restore your Outlook from stuck at ‘Processing’ or not working issue with reliable methods offered below now. Offered solutions here can also be applied to fix and repair not working or not responding Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007.

Microsoft Outlook is not working, stuck at 'Processing', help!

"The Outlook gets stuck at 'Processing' status when I tried to launch the Outlook app on my PC to open a newly received email file. 
It's not working in opening or receiving new emails. So how can I get the received Outlook emails out of the not working app? Is it possible to repair Microsoft Outlook not working issue and make it process properly again? How?

It's no longer a new problem that Microsoft Outlook suddenly stops working or gets stuck in processing received emails. Here in this page, you'll find reliable and effective methods to effectively fix Outlook not working or stuck at 'Processing' issue without losing any data. Just follow to see how to make and repair not working Microsoft Outlook to respond and work properly again now.

Fix Microsoft Outlook not working or not responding error   

To avoid any Outlook PST file loss issue, you can right now follow below 2 parts to repair not working Outlook and restore all important received Outlook emails on your own now:

Part 1. Restore and backup Outlook PST email files in advance

If you don't want to lose received Outlook email files, your very first step is to restore lost and backup present Outlook PST email files in advance.

So how to access to received Outlook email files when it's not working or gets stuck in 'Processing'? 

Method 1. Access Outlook email files online via Outlook website

You can try to log in your Outlook account and password on Outlook web-page, and then download all received important emails.

Method 2. Try professional file recovery software for help

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard which supports you to simply access and restore all received PST files as a backup within simple 3 steps:

1. Run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

1. Select the location on your computer where you used to save the Outlook folder.

2. Click "Scan" to start finding lost Outlook folder.

Scan lost Outlook.

2. Find lost Outlook folder.

1. Check and find the lost Outlook folder in "Deleted Files", "Drive".
2. Or you can use "Filter", "Search" to quickly find your lost Outlook folder.

Check and find lost Outlook.

3. Restore lost Outlook folder.

Last, restore the Outlook folder by clicking "Recover" and save them to a secure location on your PC.

Restore lost Outlook folder.

Part 2. Repair not working Outlook to responsive and accessible

After getting all lost and present PST Outlook email files back, you can now find methods here below to fix and repair not working Outlook back to work and accessible again:

Method 1. Start Outlook in safe mode to fix Outlook stuck in 'Processing' error

If Outlook stops responding at a screen with 'Processing' message, you can try to close Outlook and start it in safe mode, then reopen it again to fix this issue:

Step 1. Close Outlook;
Step 2. Launch Outlook in safe mode:
For Windows 10 users: Click "Start" > "Search" > Type: Outlook.exe /safe and hit Enter.
For Windows 8 users: Open Apps menu > Select "Run" > Type: Outlook /safe and then click OK.
For Windows 7 users: Choose Start > Type: Outlook /safe in the Search programs and files box and then hit Enter.

Step 3. Close Outlook and then open it normally.
After this, you shall be able to use Outlook smoothly again.

Method 2. Install latest Office update

If your Outlook is out of date, you may not be able to run Outlook on your latest Windows PC. So if you can't use Outlook properly, try to install the latest Outlook update:

Step 1. Open Outlook and click "File".

Update Outlook.

Step 2. Select "Office Account" > "Update Options" > "Update Now".
If you are using Outlook 2010, select "Help" > "Check for updates".

Update Outlook to fix not working issue.

Wait to let the updating process complete and then reopen Outlook to see if it can work normally.

Method 3. Repair Office program

Outlook not working, stuck, hangs or even freeze issue may be caused by Office program error. So you can repair Office program so to fix Outlook not working issue with below tips:

  1. Step 1. Close and quit all running Office programs;
  2. Step 2. Enter Control Panel and select "Programs and Features".
  3. Step 3. In the list of installed programs, right-click on Microsoft Office 2016 or Microsoft Office 2013 > Select "Change". 
  4. Step 4. Click "Repair".

Wait for the process to complete and you may check whether Outlook is working properly or not.

Method 4. Create a new user profile

Since the old profile stores variety of settings that control how Outlook looks and works. So you can create a new profile and add your email accounts to the profile to make Outlook work properly again:

Step 1. Close Outlook;
Step 2. Create a new profile:
For Windows 10 users: Click Start > Type: Control Panel and hit Enter > "User Accounts" > "Mail" > "Show Profiles".
For Windows 8 users: Open Apps menu > "Control Panel"​ > "Mail" > "​Show Profiles".
For Windows 7 users: "Start" > "Control Panel" > "Mail"​ > "​Show Profiles".
Step 3. Choose "​Add" > Type a profile name in the Profile Name box > "OK".
Step 4. Enter an email address and password for the primary email account you use in Outlook, follow onscreen instructions to create the profile.
Step 5. Choose Prompt for a profile to be used on Show Profiles once the profile is created.
Step 6. Start Outlook and choose your new profile. 

Now that you can use your Outlook account in the new profile and received or send emails through Outlook without any problems.