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How to Open Corrupted Excel, Word, and PPT Files Without Backup

How to open corrupted Excel, Word, or PDF files? This tutorial shows you simple ways to open and repair corrupted files with EaseUS file repair toolkit and open the recovered files without any effort.

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If you are a college or office-going person, you must have to juggle with Excel, Word, and PPT files all the time. These files remain in our sight all the time, but they cause problems just at the moment when we need them. File corruption is the same type of issue when you need to open or access a file urgently.

There can be multiple reasons for file corruption, including a virus in your system, glitchy MS-Office tool, or software compatibility problems. Another cause of file corruption can be the damage caused to the details of the file when you copied or downloaded it. Moreover, if you have recovered a deleted file, the recovery process can also cause it to malfunction.

Here are the best ways to repair and open corrupted Excel, Word, and PPT files.

Method 1. Open Excel/Word Files with Open and Repair Feature

A built-in Open and repair feature in every MS Office tool can help you repair any damaged or corrupted Excel, Word, and PPT files. It is the most simple and easy-to-use feature on our list that can help you out. 

Here is how you can repair such files:

Step 1. Run a blank workbook in Excel or Word.

Step 2. On the top left corner, click on the file and then open it.

Step 3. After clicking on the "Open", browse and click on the corrupted file.

Step 4. Select "Open and Repair..." by clicking the downward-pointing arrow to the right of the open button.

open a document file

Step 5. You will now see two options, "Repair" and "Extract data". Click on repair and wait for a while until the MS office does its thing.

Your file is successfully repaired, and now you can access it to do your work.

Method 2. Open Corrupted Excel or Word Files from AutoRecover

Another great feature of Autorecover is that it helps you recover any old file you created using the software. If you have enabled auto-recovery on your office files, it can help you when your word, excel, or PPT file is corrupted. You can use the auto-recovery and find the file from the recovered box of the MS office. 

Here is how you can do it:

Step 1. Open a blank word or excel file.

Step 2. On the top left corner, click on "Open".

Step 3. You will see a list of all the files you used or created by using the software, even if you have deleted them from the computer.

Step 4. Click on the desired file, and it will be opened.

open a corrupted files from recently opened folder

Step 5. You can then save it or copy-paste it into a new file and do whatever you want with it.

Method 3. Open Corrupted PDF/Excel/Word with a File Repair Tool

If none of the methods works, you feel lost with no way out. There comes the EaseUS file repairing tool as a ray of hope. It is a user-friendly corrupted file recovery tool that can help you with Word, PPT, Excel, and PDF files. 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a popular file recovery software. However, it is an equally capable file-repairing software that can repair your files and let you access them in no time. The best part about EaseUS is that its Windows 11 version has already been released and is working. So, you can use it on the latest version of Windows too.

 Download for Win Recovery Rate 99.7%
 Download for Mac Trustpilot Rating 4.7

Apart from file repair, paying for this software will let you access all its features and make use of it to its fullest. Except for file repair, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard also has a good reputation in data recovery. It can simply recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10/11 with advanced algorithm technology. Other outstanding functions are formatted recovery, RAW recovery, lost partition recovery, OS crash recovery, virus attack recovery, and more. 

Download it now and free yourself from the stress of handling multiple files and keeping them safe.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, and then scan disk with corrupted documents. This software enables you to fix damaged Word, Excel, PPT, and PDF files in same steps. 

select the disk with corrupted documents

Step 2. EaseUS data recovery and repair tool will scan for all lost and corrupted files. You can find the target files by file type or type the file name in the search box. 

find corrupted documents

Step 3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can repair your damaged documents automatically. After file preview, you can click "Recover" to save the repaired Word, Excel, and PDF document files to a safe location.

repair corrrupt documents

The BottomLine

MS Word, PPT, or excel files are pretty important for everybody, and losing them can be a nightmare. Some viruses and other software issues can cause this problem and make you stressed.

There are multiple ways to try in such a case. First of all, try the open and repair feature of the MS office. It is the most simple one and won't take too much time finding options. If this doesn't work, you can proceed to the auto-recovery option. Just make sure that your auto-recovery option is on.

If nothing works, EaseUS file recovery software will work. Just download the EaseUS file repair tool and repair your file through this easy-to-use software. You can take a chill pill because EaseUS will repair your file.

 Download for Win Recovery Rate 99.7%
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