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Desktop Files Recovery from Windows 10 Upgrade

Posted by Jean to File Recovery 2015-09-06


Many of us are used to saving or creating files on desktop, and EaseUS data recovery software can help with desktop files recovery from Windows 10 upgrade, which somehow results in desktop files loss on computer's hard drive.

Desktop files are lost after Windows 10 upgrade

The Windows 10 automatic upgrade went very smooth from the beginning to the end, except the Windows reset of the last time. I clearly remembered that two pieces of Word documents were created on the desktop, but when Windows 10 has done with the final installation, they unexpectedly disappeared. Is there any way for desktop files recovery from Windows 10 upgrade?

This is a very common case that people upgrading to Windows 10 will somehow encounter data loss problem, especially the loss of desktop files and gadgets. But there are ways to recover lost files from Windows 10 automatic upgrade, and you should start with the given recovery methods as soon as possible since the sooner, the higher chance of a successful recovery.

1. Search through the old system data

Since files created on desktop are originally placed at the system area, and Windows 10 automatic upgrade is a matter of interaction with system partition that the old Windows data will be all wrapped in a new Windows.old file folder. Thus, the desktop files from old Windows system are perhaps concluded with the Windows.old file folder, and you could try to search the lost files from This PC > system C: > Windows.old.

2. Use data recovery software to have an automatic desktop files recovery

This way of desktop files recovery resulting from Windows 10 upgrade is fast and complete. It's not just about search files name through the entire computer hard drive, but analyzing every file hiding deep behind the hard drive, and get them back even they have carelessly deleted, formatted for infected by viruses.

EaseUS file recovery software is able to recover files lost from desktops, hard disk partitions, storage media devices and any other removable storage devices easily with three steps.

3-Step desktop files Recovery Process of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

three-step desktop files recovery from Windows 10 upgrade

Note that the recovered files had better be saved in any other places except the computer's desktop.