Copy Linux Drive: How Can I Move Linux to a New Hard Drive

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This post will be divided into three part: Material Requested, Attention, and Detailed Steps. The three parts will allow you to move or copy Linux to a new HDD with ease.

Material Requested:

A computer with Linux, a new hard drive( or a bigger HDD/SSD ), EaseUS Disk Copy, a USB flash drive

EaseUS Disk Copy is a prominent disk cloning utility based on Linux operating system, and it fully supports migrating Linux to a new hard drive


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1. EaseUS Disk Copy allows to copy Linux to another hard drive but it doesn't allow to transfer OS to another computer or laptop. If you want to transfer your OS to another computer, you can refer to System Transfer.

2. If your computer cannot boot normally, you need to create a bootable disk with a USB or a CD. 

3. Don't pull out the original disk before the Linux disk copying finishes.

4. Do remember to connect your new bigger hard drive to the Linux computer as a storage device before migrating your Linux.

Detailed Steps:

Install EaseUS Disk Copy on your computer and create a bootable disk of EaseUS Disk Copy. Then follow the details below:

Step 1: Choose "Disk mode" and select the smaller hard drive as the source disk.

select the hard drive that you want to clone

Step 2: Choose the bigger hard drive to save the data and then click "Next".

select the destination disk - the bigger one

Step 3: A warning message tells you that the data on the destination disk will be overwritten. Click “OK” to continue if you do not have important data on the destination disk.

confirm the message

Step 4: Edit the disk layout and then click "Proceed" to continue.

  • "Autofit the disk" resize the layout on destination disk according to the size of it to make the disk as the best status.
  • "Copy as the source" doesn’t change anything on destination disk and the layout is same as source disk.
  • "Edit disk layout" allows you to manually resize/move partition layout on this destination disk.
check the diak layout

Step 5: Wait for the process to complete.

wait for the process to end

And then shut down your computer, insert the new hard drive to your Linux computer and replace the old drive, set the computer to boot from a new hard drive instead of the old one in BIOS.
After this, you’ll get a new Linux hard drive with a better performance on the computer.

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