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Recover the compressed files/folder on NTFS drive

Posted on Aug 16, 2016 by Jean to File Recovery


Data Recovery Wizard is a powerful Data Recovery software that can recover deleted and lost Compressed files/folders on NTFS drive. Recover data easily, and save money and time with the powerful data recovery software!

NTFS compression is available on volumes that use the NTFS file system, and NTFS compression has the following features and limitations:

  • You can use NTFS compression to compress individual files and folders, as well as an entire NTFS volume.
  • You can compress a folder without compressing its contents.
  • You can work with NTFS-compressed files without decompressing them, because they are decompressed and recompressed without user intervention.
  • You can display NTFS-compressed file and folder names in a different color to make them easier to identify.
  • You may notice a decrease in performance when you work with NTFS-compressed files. When you open a compressed file, Windows automatically decompresses it for you, and when you close the file, Windows compresses it again. This process may decrease your computer performance.
  • NTFS-compressed files and folders only remain compressed while they are stored on an NTFS Volume.
  • You cannot encrypt an NTFS compressed file.

More information, please see: How to use file compression in Windows XP

Data Recovery Wizard supports NTFS Compressed Files recovery. The blue "sample1.txt" is a compressed files of NTFS drive.

Recover the Compressed files on NTFS Drive

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