Data Recovery Wizard Customer Testimonials

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I just wanted to thank you for your product (4/26/2013)

I just wanted to thank you for your product. I thought that my information was gone for good and your download was a serious lifesaver. I did not think it would work and concerned that it was a scam but I tried it anyway in desperation. My 40 video files that I accidentally deleted were recovered. It was hours of video footage. I cannot thank you enough!!!

Kind regards,


EaseUS is a great program (4/26/2013)

EaseUS is a great program but when combined with the modem booster and other software it is an excellent deal!

Thanks so much, Guy Lyons

I truly cannot express how impressed I was with your product (4/25/2013)

I wanted to take the time to let you know that your product \"data recovery wizard\" worked incredibly. My hard-disk was severely corrupted. It had a boot error that the computer could not even recognize that a hard drive existed. After placing the drive in an external shell my computer cold recognize that the drive existed but if I tried to access it or even view properties of drive it would crash Explorer.exe, command prompt and somtimes Windows as a whole. It took 11 hrs to scan and compile a directory for a 1TB drive that had about 250GB of actual information in it. I am currently unaware of any files that I was unable to recover. I only NEEDED about 250MG of information off the drive ranging from wedding panning documents to photos not backed up but because your system worked so well I could not resist purchasing the whole product and recovering anything that I could find. The free trial is a smart way to hook someone because it allows you to see that it worked AND not only that it worked that it recovered documents that you want but may not NEED. I think that the ability to preview and view thumbnails of files is a ke