Destination Selection

After you preview files and determined that the data is in good shape, you're almost ready to save the files you wish to keep.
If the Data Recovery Wizard requires you to copy your files to a safe location other than the source partition, you will be given the option to copy the recovered files to a different partition, or even a completely different physical location. This is the preferred destination recommendation, and it could be another physical Hard Disk, a network drive, a Zip, a floppy (for a few small files), or other removable drive.
You can also enter the destination path in the text edit box.
The pie chart will let you know how much space is available in the save location you have chosen. The "Free Space" indicator tells you how much space left in the folder and the "Required Space" indicator tells you how much space you need for saving all recovered data.  
If you need to create a new folder in the folder tree, select the existing folder in which you want to create the new folder and then enter the folder name in the text edit box, click "NEXT", and then you will be prompted to create a new folder.

WARNING: If you have more than one damaged partitions on your system, DO NOT copy files from one partition to another damaged partition. Always use removable media (e.g., an external USB Hard Disk) or a second, undamaged Hard Disk, as the destination in these cases. The Data Recovery tools will try to detect if you are trying to select the source partition as a destination.

This user guide refers to 7.5 or earlier versions. If you are using new version, please visit the new guide with the link below: