Follow these steps to install the Data Recovery Wizard on the Host Computer:

1. Make sure the Host Computer may meet all of the system requirements and that the Host Computer and Good Device have sufficient memory available, as defined in the Pre-Installation Checklist.
2. If you haven't done the first step yet, install the Bad Device as an additional device to the Host Computer. You can contact the drive manufacturer for installing their drive as a slave (secondary) device. Be sure that the primary drive is loading Windows.
3. Download the Data Recovery Wizard if you have not yet done so.
4. Extract the zip file with a file-compression tool such as WinZip, PKZip or WinRAR. If you already have one of these tools, it will launch automatically when you double-click the zip file. If you don't have a file-compression tool, you must download one from the Internet.
5. Double-click the Data Recovery Wizard Installer.
6. Follow the on-screen instructions.
(Be sure you don't install the Data Recovery Wizard on the Bad Device).

Note: If you download the Data Recovery Wizard from the Internet, open Windows Explorer (or My Computer), locate the downloaded file, and then decompress and double-click on it to start the installation process.