Disk Image

[Disk Image]: A Disk Image is a sector-by-sector copy of the data on disk device. You can create Disk Image in the Data Recovery Wizard. During the process, the selected partition or Hard Disk will be truly imaged to a *.edi file, and then you can save this file to the appointed directory.
Advanced Wizard mode: This option allows you to create compacted Disk Image file in different compression levels and split the Disk Image file on slices. So you can separately store these slices in different partitions or other physical locations.
We strongly advise you not to transfer anyone of these slices to other places for storage after you have created them; otherwise you cannot open the Disk Image normally.  
At this time, you will be prompted with a dialog box. You are able to check the state of each *.edf file and location from there. If the slice has been moved to other location, then you should update the location of it in the list.
[Open Disk Image]: If you have ever made a Disk Image, then you can click this option to choose the *.edi file to open it. By this means, the device in Disk Image will be added to the list. Then you are able to perform the recovery operation on this Disk Image the same as disk device but without any risks.

[Delete Image]: Choose the device in Disk Image and click this option to remove the device from the list.

This user guide refers to 7.5 or earlier versions. If you are using new version, please visit the new guide with the link below: