Welcome to the user manual for the Data Recovery Wizard, the most powerful and successful data recovery software. We offer you cost-effective software solutions of data recovery for almost any data loss covering servers, desktops or laptops for media, Windows Operating Systems and file types. The Data Recovery Wizard is unmatched in its ability to recover the lost data caused by any factor.

When performing a recovery session with the Data Recovery Wizard, we can almost guarantee that you will recover the files you have lost. Before you purchase the Normal Version and Professional Version, you can experience what the software can do for you with the trial version. It's like an experienced data-recovery technician at home or in your business! If you have any problem in data recovery process, we suggest you referring to the manual or contact us.

The Data Recovery Wizard is of Patent-Pending Technology, our Company reserves the International Rights.

This user guide refers to 7.5 or earlier versions. If you are using new version, please visit the new guide with the link below: