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Free Alternative to Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software

Updated on Nov 02, 2018 by Jean to Data Recovery


The best Stellar Phoenix 2.1 cracked alternative is here: free, secure, and non-virus for all kinds of data recovery on PC and Mac.

Stellar Phoenix 2.1, the data recovery software compatible with Mac and PC, has been serving in the market over two decades and is trusted by about two million customers across the globe. We know the reliability of such a powerful and helpful data tool and feel willing to buy the product when suffering from severe data loss problems. But there are some exceptions. Some victims are reluctant to pay for the software, and they're lured by the Stellar warez, thinking that the cracked version can also do the job well as the official one. That's what I'm concerned and I feel responsible for finding out a free Stellar Phoenix 2.1 alternative.

Why Do We Recommend the Cracked Stellar Phoenix 2.1 Alternative

We are all afraid of losing once-in-a-lifetime memories that we kept in digital cameras, and we couldn't relieve the terrible sense of guilt if delete the very important Word documents, Excell working sheets, e-mails, music, movies and so on inadvertantly. Technically speaking, your files on the computer do not really disappear. You just lose the path to them! That's how data recovery software IS developed - to restore the path then you can regain the access. However, if you try to use warez, like cracked Stellar Phoenix 2.1, you may do a permanent damage to the file path and lose the files forever because the cracked software would probably bring virus, malware, spyware, worm, and other disgusting operations to your computer.

In fact, if you just don't want to spend money on Stellar Phoenix 2.1, you don't have to take the risk at all. Besides Stella, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is also a great choice. It is the most searched data recovery software on the internet, and really helped millions of customers retrieve what they value very much on their PC. Most importantly, EaseUS products are much popular than Stella's as it provides both the free edition and commercial edition. You can also get the commercial edition for free!

How to the Free Alternative to Stellar Data Recovery Software

1. Download the Free Edition of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Free Edition is provided particularly for people who have a slight amount of lost data to be recovered. The free version enables people to recover up to 2 GB files.

2. Get EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional on Trialpay

Trialpay is a comprehensive platform that is familiar to all of us, with which EaseUS has a long cooperation relationship. Customers who buy things, even for one unit on Trialpay can get EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional for free. Click the button below and get one free license code.

3. Buy EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional with 50% Off

Follow the link to get Data Recovery Wizard, you can buy the tool with 50% off and perform all data recovery solutions on both Windows and Mac OS X platforms.