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How to Recover Partially Formatted USB Drive

Posted on May 04, 2017 by Jean to Data Recovery


Download free EaseUS hard disk data recovery software and learn how to make it possible to recover data from partially formatted hard drive and USB thumb drive.

Can I Recover Partially Formatted Drive?

"Trying to format a Kingston 32GB USB flash drive with diskpart utility, however, the format process was interrupted unexpectedly. I can see the drive in the Windows Disk Management, but no matter how I try to format it the second time, it simply says that it can't find the file or partition. Now it seems that the USB is unusable. Can I at least recover data off from the partially formatted drive?"

What's the difference between the items of completely format or partially format? As you know, both will erase data on the drive, however, a USB thumb drive or hard drive that is partially formatted is more likely to be damaged or corrupted, and it's more difficult to recover data from a corrupted hard drive.

How to Recover Partially Formatted Hard Drive/USB Thumb Drive?

With that in mind, unless diskpart format process getting wrong or some other inevitable disasters happening, do not carelessly start the format process and rudely stopped it without thinking, which will definitely cause USB hard drive formatting partially.

Though it's dangerous to see your drive was incompletely formatted, it's still possible to recover data. Most of the time, the file system of a partially formatted USB hard drive would turn to RAW. At this moment, you'd better start immediately to download the demo version of EaseUS hard drive recovery software and learn how to recover data from RAW USB drive that was caused by partially formatted.

Step 1. Select the partially formatted USB hard drive and click "Scan".

select the partially formatted usb drive and click scan

Step 2. The software will start a quick scan first. After the quick scan completes, a deep scan will automatically launch in order to find more files.

run quick scan and deep scan to find lost files

Step 3. Choose the file(s) you want to recover by file types from the scanning results. Click "Recover" button to recover the selected files. You'd better choose a different location instead of the original USB hard drive to avoid data overwriting.

select files and recover from partially formatted usb hard drive