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Recover RAW Hard Drive with RAW Drive Recovery Freeware

Updated on May 16, 2019 by Jean to Format Recovery


Free RAW hard drive recovery software from EaseUS recovers files from RAW hard drive/partition or disk due to system error or virus attacks.

Symptoms of the RAW hard drive issue

Sometimes, when you try to access data from your computer hard drive, you may find that the disk is displayed as RAW and cannot be opened. Then, you will not be able to access your important files. And following the problem, different error messages can appear:

"Invalid media type reading drive."
"Sector not found" error message while accessing any file.
"Disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?"
File names contain strange characters.

So what will you do when your hard drive becomes RAW? How can you get the data back from a RAW hard drive?

Overview of RAW data recovery

RAW data recovery is used on the hard drive file system's logical structure corruption that causes serious issues (even post correction like index correction by Chkdsk) or when the logical structure gets overwritten. The RAW recovery process is carried out as the critical file system information about each file like name, type, size, number of clusters (for large files), location and more. In case of corrupted directory structures and missing file information, it is impossible to recover the original file and folder names as they are not available.

The scan method used by RAW data recovery incorporates the sequential reading of all sectors on the drive using a file signature search algorithm. Almost all file types have the unique file header and at times footer signatures. It provides the great option of extracting the confined data that lies within the file header and footer.

Solutions for RAW hard drive recovery

To fix the RAW drive, we recommend you to try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition, the most full-featured and easiest free data recovery software. The user-friendly user interface will guide you through the whole process of RAW partition recovery. Except for recovering data from a RAW hard drive, this program is powerful enough to deal with all other data loss problems, for example, retrieving data from lost, missing or inaccessible hard drive partitions/volumes. 

Follow these steps to recover data from the RAW hard drive:

Step 1. Locate the RAW hard drive

  • Download and install EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your Windows PC or laptop.
  • Launch the software. Make sure that Windows has detected your RAW hard drive and correctly listed the drive letter on the disk map.
  • Left-click on the RAW drive and then click the "Scan" button.
select the raw drive

Step 2. Scan the data on the RAW hard drive

At this stage, the software would work very hard to search all data through the entire drive, and timely display the data as the scanning task goes on. 

Tip: users are allowed to pause the scan process for an instant recovery as soon as the target files show up, but it's better to stay and wait for a complete scan till the end.

scan the raw drive

Step 3. Check files under the "Extra Files" result

  • Besides the general scan results of all lost data on the selected drive, the "Extra Files" is specially designed for RAW hard drive/USB flash drive/micro SD card data recovery, under which you're likely to recover what you want with a high success rate.
  • Of course, check all the scan results if necessary. Choose the target files and click the "Recover" button. You should save the items to a new location.
select files and click recover
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard cannot restore the original directory structure. If you need to repair the partition and access it directly, you can contact our support team via live chat or email (support@easeus.com). They can provide manual recovery service for this problem, which will save you from wasting time scanning software for too long and having to find another disk to save your data.