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How to Recover Data from Hard Drive after Computer Crash

Posted on Aug 15, 2016 by Abby Haines to Data Recovery Solution


EaseUS Data Recovery Bootable Disk can recover data after computer/Windows system crash from hard drive. You can get the data back under WinPE environment without the risk of overwriting it and in the shortest time to ensure the continuity of your work.

As there are many factors would result in PC crash, it is no deniable that every PC user may experience this nightmare unexpectedly. Such as you try to prevent hard drive failure, you cannot prevent the intrusion of viruses or other system intruders. These bugs might crash your computers system. At this moment, recover data after computer crash becomes the most urgent thing.

Restore Hard Drive Data from Computer/Windows Crash with Data Recovery Wizard WinPE

So please stop kicking yourself for not having backups of your important data before the disaster. Just try EaseUS Data Recovery WinPE to get back your data from the crashed computer. It works for the most damaged computer drives. Sometimes even you can not access to your PC, it also offers you simple solution to retrieve your data.

You may know that you cannot do anything to the crashed hard drive after the catastrophe happens in order to avoid any chance of further damage to your lost data by overwriting it. The traditional way of managing the problem is to remove the hard drive from the crashed computer and connect it to another computer with Windows installed, and then seek for data recovery software to have a try on your disk...

Getting your data back by using the third-party software under Windows environment is indeed a way, but it is time-consuming and too complicated that most people shrink back at the thought of the difficult procedures. But EaseUS Data Recovery WinPE can help you avoid these complicated procedures easily by creating a bootable disk.

Advantages of EaseUS Data Recovery WinPE:

1. While recovering your data under WinPE bootable disk, you are free from any risk of losing data by overwriting it.

2. There is no complicated procedure such as transferring your crashed disk from one computer to another or trying to burn a bootable disk by yourself.

3. This software is the most efficient one to save your time and ensure the continuity of your work for it can get your important data back in the easiest way.

You can create bootable disk of Data Recovery Wizard to USB or CD/DVD with only one click. There is no need to follow a long tedious procedure to create a WinPE bootable disk by yourself. Or you can export the ISO image and burn it by yourself in case there is any problem happening during the process of creating the bootable disk by the software. After that, restart your computer and run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard from WinPE bootable disk to recover your data.

recover data after computer crash with Data Recovery Wizard WinPE

To make a full preparation of any accidents, we highly recommend you to get one copy of the WinPE version of Data Recovery Wizard as your first-aid kits and take a better care of your critical data!