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Restore Lost Data with Best Windows 10 Format Recovery Software

Posted by Tracy King to Data Recovery 2016-06-23


Don’t be panic when you lose important data due to formatting Windows 10 hard drive or partition by mistake or other reasons. Best Windows 10 format recovery software is available here to help you restore all lost data with simple clicks.

Though formatting is regarded as a very useful method to clean up storage devices or hard drive partitions under Windows OS . However, this may easily remove all your data if you format the storage device or Windows hard drive partitions.

Here this article mainly introduces a professional Windows 10 format recovery software to help you restore lost data due to formatting by mistake or other reasons under Windows 10/8/7 etc. If you happen to lose important data after formatting Windows 10 or other storage devices under Windows system, follow below tutorial guide to restore formatted data or files from Windows 10/8/7 now. 

Reasons for Windows 10 format

Under what circumstances will you perform formatting in Windows10 or other OS systems? In order to avoid further data loss issues, it’s highly suggested that all users create backups for important data in Windows 10 hard drive partition or external storage devices. Here below are some major reasons why we need to perform Windows 10 format or format storage devices:

1. Hard drive error;
2. Windows 10 partition failure or corrupt;
3. RAW partition;
4. Storage device not formatted error;
5. Hard drive partition inaccessible;
6. Virus attack, system crash etc.

When these problems happen, the easiest methods to fix these problems is to format the hard drive partition or storage devices under Windows 10/8/7 etc. But this may lead to serious data loss issue. Therefore, it’s vitally important to find a method or tool to restore lost data or files after Windows 10 format. How to find such a tool? Here the best Windows 10 format recovery software is ready to help you now. 

Free download Windows 10 format recovery software and unformat lost data

When data or files got formatted under Windows 10/8/7 or other systems, the data or files are still stored in the original place but the entries get moved or marked as empty by the system. Therefore, when you format a video, SD card, USB drive or even Windows 10 hard drive partitions, do remember not to put new data into the formatted spot. Professional Windows 10 format recovery software will help. How to get such a tool?

Don’t bother anymore. You can free download the best Windows 10 format recovery software here by clicking below download button now. It will help you restore lost data from SD card, memory stick, Windows hard drive partitions or other storage devices due to format, delete, virus attack or even system crash.

Tutorial: recover data with Windows 10 format recovery software

So how to use this Windows 10 format recovery software? Follow below detail steps to restore whatever you lost after format Windows 10 or storage devices now:

Step 1. Download Windows 10 format recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.
You can either click the download button to get a trial version or choose to click buy now button to get a serial key and activate it into a pro version. If you are not quite sure, directly download it firstly.

  1. Step 2. Launch software and scan lost data due to format under Windows 10.
  2. Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard > Select formatted partition and Scan lost data under Windows 10.

Windows 10 format recovery.

Step 3. Re-scan lost formatted data by using Deep Scan.
It’s highly recommended for you to try Deep Scan after the fast scanning process so to find more formatted data under Windows 10 or from your storage devices.

Step 4. Preview and restore lost formatted data.

After scanning, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will list you found data and you can double click to preview data before restoring. And then you can select wanted data and click to Recover formatted data under Windows 10.

Recover lost data after Windows 10 format.

1. If you use a trial version, when you find lost data and want to restore them, please upgrade the software into a pro version clicking the buy now button and purchase a serial key for gaining unlimited data recovery capacity. 
2. Do remember not to save to restored data into the previous location before making sure the spot is safe.
3. If your formatted Windows 10 data or lost data are no more than 2GB, you may try free Windows 10 format recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition to restore lost formatted data with ease.

Video tutorial: recover files from formatted hard drive with Windows 10 format recovery software