Recover Photos and Videos from Formatted DJI Mavic SD Card

When you lost photos and videos on your DJI Mavic drone after formatting its SD card as an error message keeps popping up, telling you that you need to format the SD card. EaseUS file recovery software - Data Recovery Wizard will help you undo the format and restore lost photos, videos from the formatted DJI Mavic SD card with ease.

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Applies to: SD card on DJI Mavic 2/Air/Pro Platinum/Pro, other series of DJI Drones, GoPro and other brands of Drones.

How to Format DJI Mavic SD Card without Losing Data

"SD card error: DJI Mavic 2 warned that it can't initialize the SD card. I have to format the SD card but I don't want to. I plug the SD card to my computer, and the system still prompted a formatting request. It's possible to format the SD card without losing photos and videos?"

"I bought a new Drone last week. It was DJI Mavic 2. When I insert my old SD card to the camera, it asked me to format the card and I did so. All my videos and photos in the SD card were all gone. Can I unformat the SD card and recover all lost files?"

As many Drone fans know that when they insert a new SD card into the Drone camera, the camera will require you to format the card. So it is to the DJI Drones. If it's a new card, all you need is to format the card using the Drone camera or your PC.

If it's an old Drone SD card, back up or copy important photos and videos to your computer or another storage device. Then execute the operation and you won't lose any data.

How to Recover Formatted DJI Mavic SD Card Data

However, many users don't have the awareness of creating copies of essential files on Drone camera SD card. If you have already formatted your SD card in DJI Mavic Drone camera, losing many important photos and videos, don't worry. EaseUS file recovery software - Data Recovery Wizard can help. It enables you to fully scan and restore all lost SD card files within only 3 steps.

If your lost DJI Mavic SD card files - videos and photos are less than 2GB, you can turn to EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition. It works the same as the pro version. 

Download and install this software on your PC, follow the brief guidelines to see how to restore your SD card data:

Step 1. Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard - the dependable SD card recovery software for Windows on your PC. Connect the SD card to your computer with either a card reader or by attaching the device that contains it. Launch the software so you can see the SD card from the disk list presented on the interface. Select the SD card and click Scan.

select the sd card and click scan

Step 2. The scan process should be running. A quick scan is able to quickly find the files that were recently deleted or items emptied from the recycle bin, and the later deep scan is useful for files that are harder to find, which might lose file names. During the course of scanning the SD card, you can start checking the results from the leftside tree-view pane, or simply use the Filter function to show up only the pictures, doucments, videos, emails and so on.

find wanted sd card files

Step 3. Double-click on a file will allow you to preivew its content. At last, select the desired files you wish to recover and click the Recover button to get them all back. When you're asked to choose a location to save the recovered files, do not use the SD card but another drive, to avoid data overwriting.

recover sd card files

Notice: Don't save the restored photos and videos to the original SD card before making sure it usable again on your Drone. This file recovery software can also be applied to recover deleted photos from SD card

Do You Need Specialized Data Recovery Services?
You may need further help for tough data loss situations like format errors, RAW disk, partition loss, repartition failures and system boot error. Consult with EaseUS Data Recovery Experts to retrieve lost data in time.

Tips to Protect DJI Mavic Data from Formatting

A major cause of data loss on Drones is formatting. Is there any method that can help to protect your Drone DJI Mavic data? A useful way to prevent data loss due to formatting is to create a backup of essential files on DJI Drones in advance. 

To do so, you have two options:

1. Manually copy photos and videos on DJI Mavic SD card to another storage device.

2. Turn to free backup software to back up all files on the SD card at one time.

We'd like to recommend you to use EaseUS Todo Backup Free to regularly back up your fancy photos and videos to your computer or another storage device with ease:

Step 1. To back up an entire hard disk or simply its several partitions, the best backup plan is "Disk/Partition". Choose this backup mode and let's begin.

choose disk/partition backup mode

Step 2. On the popup window, choose the hard drive or partition(s) you're going to back up. A check symbol appears after you clicked the mouse.

choose the hard disk/partition you want to back up

Step 3. Click the "Browse..." button in the "Destination" area to choose a backup location. Here, you can choose any location that is available to you, such as the local hard disk, folders, Network drive, NAS device or Cloud storage, including GoogleDrive, DropBox and OneDrive. You can explore all the connected drive by clicking the icon in front of each directory.

choose a backup location

Step 4. Now edit your disk backup image by adding a "Plan name" and "Description" to it.

Do not forget the advanced backup plans in " Backup options", where you can compress the backup image, encrypt the backup for privacy protection and even enable a sector by sector backup.

choose disk/partition advanced backup options

At the same time, you can turn on the "Schedule" in order to create a hard disk/partition backup on a regular basis like daily, weekly, monthly or upon an event according to the schedule set on your own. 

set a disk/partition backup schedule

And the "Image-reserve strategy" lets you manage the increasingly growing backup images economically, you can preserve the backups in a setup time or quantity.

set a disk/partition backup image-reserve strategy

Step 5. Not all the customizable hard disk/partition backup solutions are necessary but try to make full use of the necessary ones. Finally, click "Proceed" to start at once.

For safety, disconnect the physical storage device you used as a backup drive after the backup process is over.

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