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How to Recover Deleted Files after Using Eraser

Updated on Dec 28, 2018 by Abby Haines to Data Recovery Solution


Did you mistakenly delete files using Eraser or secure deletion? Here you can learn easy Eraser or securely deleted file recovery solution which shows you how to recover files deleted by using Eraser. Try it to find and recover your Eraser deleted files from the copies of the files created by edits, saves, defrags, copies, etc.

Can I recover securely deleted files after using Eraser

"Yesterday, I lost some files by secure deletion. I erased a bunch of files in a folder on my laptop by right-clicking on them and using Eraser. But now, I find that I selected and deleted a wrong file, and I need to use it. How can I recover deleted files after using Eraser? If you know any solution or software that might help to recover files, please help!"

Overview of secure deletion - Eraser deleted file recovery

Like CCleaner, Eraser is one of the most popular file Shredders that can securely delete files, folders, unused disk space or even entire drives. Sometimes, you might make a mistake and accidentally choose a file or folder you need later and delete them using Eraser. When it happens, is it possible to recover deleted files using Eraser? How can you recover files deleted by Eraser?

All these questions will take over your brain and finally drive you crazy. Fortunately, there are possible ways that you can try to rescue your data. We have introduced in the last post how to recover data after dban and recover CCleaner deleted file. Now we would like to offer you an Eraser deleted file recovery tutorial and show you how to recover files deleted by Eraser.

Recover Eraser securely deleted files with EaseUS file recovery software

As we all know, it is more difficult to recover files deleted by Eraser than files deleted in a common way, because the file Shredder will overwrite the data during the deleting process. But difficult doesn't mean impossible. You can download and try EaseUS file recovery software to scan the disk to search for the lost data. With powerful data recovery capacity, the program can deal with various complex data loss situations, for example, shift delete recovery. Sometimes, it might help you find and recover your files deleted by Eraser from the copies of the files created by edits, saves, defrags, copies, etc if you are lucky enough.  

To find and recover Eraser deleted files, follow these steps:

Keep In Mind:
Once you deleted files on your USB, SD card or Windows hard drive partition, stop using the device right away.
Turn to a professional file recovery method or tool for help.
Here is a detail and simple deleted file recovery tutorial for you to follow:

Step 1. Run file recovery program.
If you deleted files on an external storage device like SD card, USB or external hard drive, connect it to your computer.
# Run EaseUS file recovery software - Data Recovery Wizard on your PC.
# Select the location - hard drive partition or external storage device where you deleted files.
# Click "Scan" to let the program scan deleted files on the target device.

Run file recovery software.

Step 2. Scan to find deleted files.
# Deleted Files: all deleted files will be listed under this column after the scanning.

Scan and find deleted files.

Step 3. Restore deleted files.
You can double-click to check the found files.
You can also use the timeline to quickly find your recently deleted files.

Recover deleted files.

Choose deleted files found by this software, click "Recover" to restore them to a secure location on your PC or external storage device.