How to Fix PowerPoint Stop Working Error | Why PowerPoint is Not Working on Windows 10

What to do if PowerPoint is not working? It is a frustrating thing that your work PPT can not respond, freeze, corrupted for unknown reasons. Take it easy. In this article, we are going to provide some reliable solutions to save your PowerPoint. Still here and get your best approach now.

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As a workaholic or student, PowerPoint is the popular software we open again and again to perform a presentation or make some technical or knowledge documentation. But unexpected issue happens such as software does not respond, opening, hanging, or freezing... Fortunately, These PowerPoint stop working errors can be fixed. Check the reasons and methods below.

powerpoint stop working

Why PowerPoint is Not Working On Windows 10

1. Your PowerPoint is out of date. Bugs in the software affect the PowerPoint's operation.

2. Installed Add-ins conflict with PowerPoint. While add-ins can optimize your experience, too many add-ins can interfere with the daily work of software.

3. Your PowerPoint gets corrupted or damaged. Need Windows built-in tool to repair it.

4. PowerPoint infected by virus or existing antivirus software is conflicting with PowerPoint.

5. The computer has loaded too many programs. Your computer is overloaded.

Method 1 - Install the Latest Microsoft PowerPoint

While update your software seems like a twice-told story, your PowerPoint has stopped working due to existing bugs. Update your software immediately to check whether this error can be fixed.

How to Check Update for PowerPoint:

  • Open Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Choose the File tab on the top left corner.
  • Click Account on the left menu.
  • Under the Product Information part, you can see the Office Updates section. Click the triangle icon behind Update Options.
  • Choose Update Now.

update microsoft powerpoint

Method 2 - Disable Add-ins

The add-ins could be a hassle that occasionally causes PowerPoint not to work. Try the following steps to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Open Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Click the File tab on the top left corner.
  • Choose Options from the left-hand side.
  • Then PowerPoint Options windows pop up.
  • Click Add-ins on the left side menu.
  • Select COM Add-ins, and then click Go.

disable add-ins - step 1

  • Uncheck all add-ins in the list, and click OK.

disable add-ins - step 2

If disabling Add-ins can not solve your problems, move to the next method.

Method 3 - Repair PowerPoint Software

If your software is the latest version and the Add-ins disabling performs useless, repairing your Office programs can solve PowerPoint freezing, not responding, hanging.

  • Open Control Panel. (Press Windows + R to open the run window, input control, and click OK or type Control Panel in the search box.)
  • Click Programs and Features.
  • In the list of programs, find your targeted programs.
  • Right-click it and choose Change.

repair powerpoint 1

  • Then you can see the Repair page, choose Quick Repair or Online Repair based on your needs. Click Repair.

repair powerpoint 2

Method 4 - Apply Antivirus Software

The virus can intrude PC and interfere with the programs when your computer works right. Try the professional antivirus software - McAfee. Scan your hard drive and check if the software does not work for this reason.

How to Use McAfee:

  • Run McAfee and click Scan.
  • Choose the Scan options. (Quick Scan or Full Scan)
  • Check the results when the scan completes.
  • Click OK.

mcafee antivirus

Moreover, there are other reasons for the PowerPoint issue. Check whether antivirus software is interfering with PowerPoint. If that happens, what you can do is to change other antivirus software or connecting with the website and ask why the software is not compatible with PowerPoint.

Method 5 - Turn Off Non-essential Software (Optional)

This is the common scenario that we have to open dozens of pages every day. But opening too many pages at one time will cause the computer overloaded. Close the page that is already open.

Also, you can check your running process in Task Manager.

Type Task Manager in the search box > Click Processes > Choose programs and click End Task

end running task

Method 6 - Send Your Feedback to Microsoft (Optional)

  • Click the File tab on the top left side.
  • Choose the emoji "Send A Frown" on the top right side.
  • Type the problem you encountered.
  • Click Submit.

send a frown

Bonus Tip - How to Recover PowerPoint Files When PowerPoint Stop working

If your files are lost because the software stop working, you can use a professional data recovery tool, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, to retrieve your files. It can help you get data back from an SD card, memory card, USB flash drive, formatted hard drive, etc. See what this tool can do for you:

As a robust file recovery software, you can retrieve data for accidental deletion, program crash, virus attack, etc.

Download this data recovery tool and get your data back immediately.

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Step 1. Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, hover on the partition which you want to recover data from, and click "Scan".

Step 2. Wait for the scan to complete. Then, select the files you'd like to recover.

Step 3. After selecting the files, click Recover and choose a location to save the recovered files at. Make sure not to pick your storage device that made you lose your files.

FAQ about PowerPoint Not Working

1. How to Fix PowePoint Stop Working on Mac?

  • Check running processes and close the ones you don't need.
  • Update PowerPoint version.
  • Limits PowerPoint on file size.

2. Why Does My PowerPoint Slideshow Keeps Stopping?

You can change your slideshow setting by these steps:

Simple steps: Click "Slide Show" tab > Under "Set Up" section, choose "Set Up Slide Show" > Choose "Advance Slide on Mouse Click"

3. How Do I save PowerPoint that is Not Responding on Windows & Mac?

For Windows users, positively, PowerPoint has a built-in function to recover unsaved PowerPoint files.

Follow Steps: Move to the File tab > Click on Recent > Click on "Recover Unsaved Presentations"

Read also to see how to save files on Mac:

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