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Camtasia Recording Recovery | How to Retrieve Videos with Ease

Updated on Nov 07, 2018 by Jean to Data Recovery Solution


EaseUS Camtasia recording recovery software can easily recover Camtasia recorded videos, audio files, and PowerPoint presentations that are deleted or lost due to studio crash.

Video Loss Situation

"Here is the thing. I was using Camtasia to edit a video that was supposed to upload to YouTube. All things were perfectly done until my computer suddenly turned blue! At first, I didn't sense the problem because I rememberred the recording file was saved before the BSOD. However, when I turned on the computer, I couldn't find the video anymore. Then it's clear to me that I've lost a piece of screen recording which was saved as .camrec. Can anybody tell me how to get my video back?"

How to recover Camtasia Recordings/Screen Captures

Here are some workable tips for you to get back your Camtasia video recordings.

Tip 1: Go to find the lost recording in Camtasia temp files 

Do you know that Camtasia has autosave options? Open Camtasia and  go to "Tools > Options > Program". Under "Program", there is an option called AutoSave. You may have set a time interval so that at every set intervals the editing file will be saved automatically at the default temporary storage folder: C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\.

camtasia recording recovery auto save.

Tip 2: Use data recovery software to retrieve Camtasia recordings

Since the effectiveness of the first suggestion depends on whether users have enabled the autosave option in advance, it's not a 100% workable solution. To recover your video recordings successfully, using data recovery software shall be the optimal choice.

EaseUS file recovery software supports almost all file types recovery, including Camtasia CAMREC files. No matter how you lost the files, the software is able to restore them as you wish. Follow the steps below to retrieve your videos within minutes.


Step 1: Select a location​

If your lost video recordings are saved on external hard drive or USB, connect it to your computer firstly. Run video recovery software, and select the location where you lost videos. Click Scan to scan all lost files.

Run video recovery software.

Step 2: Scan lost data

The EaseUS recovery software will start immediately to scan all over the selected hard drive for all lost data.

Scan videos.

Step 3: Preview and recover

Check and preview lost video recordings in Deleted Files, Drive (with your device name). If you didn't find the lost video recordings, check Lost Partition Files and Extra Files to find them. Choose the wanted files and click Recover.

Recover video recordings.

Tip 3: Extra Tip for Camtasia Recording Recovery on Mac

If you have lost Camtasia recordings on your Mac, you can use the recovery software for Mac to help you restore lost, deleted or unsaved Camtasia recordings or screen captures with ease.