The common situation of partition recovery - Hard disk partition recovery

Recovery of Partition

The partition recovery is generally the second step of the whole process. Because apart from some tools that directly reads and writes hard disk, most of tool software run under operation system, working with the system calling. While operation system's visiting disk is on the basis of MBR and DBR; without MBR and DBR, operation system is unable to visit file system. Therefore, if the partition table is corrupted, we need rebuild partition table, which is usually fulfilled manually; in some special cases it can be done automatically by some working software.

If partition table is corrupted, there are many tools to rebuild it automatically, only when the problem is not too serious. If it is too serious, or the partition table structure is too complex, it may possibly be out of the reach of their ability to rebuild. In this case, we need to do it manually. Usually we use some tool software to recover the lost partition table, such as Norton Utilities 8.0, DiskMan, KV3000/Kavfix and Partition Magic etc.