Data Recovery EBook

The electric book introduces the construction of hard disk, the theory of data saving, construction of file system, the reasons of data lost and the examples of data recovery in detail. This book is easy to understand with a lot of graphs and pictures in it. With the help of it, the general user will never be upset of data lost. It also enable you to become a data recovery expert quickly.

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I. Elementary knowledge of data recovery

  1. Connotation of data
  2. Essence of data recovery
  3. The scope of data recovery
  4. Principle of data recovery

II.Data loss

  1. Software reason
  2. Hardware reason

III. Ways to protect data

  1. SMART technology
  2. SPS
  3. DFT
  4. RAID
  5. SAN
  6. NAS
  7. Backup

IV. Elementary knowledge of hard disk

  1. History of hard disk development
  2. Main technical specification and parameter of hard disk
  3. Physical structure of hard disk
  4. Logical organization of hard disk
  5. Connection synopsis of hard disk


V. Data organization of hard disk

  1. Primary formatting of hard disk
  2. Advanced formatting of hard disk
  3. Data storage region of hard disk

VI. The common situation of partition recovery

  1. MBR recovery
  2. Hard disk partition recovery
  3. Partition Table Doctor
  4. FAT table recovery


VII. FAT16 file system disk

  1. File management in FAT16 root directory
  2. FAT16 sub-directory management
  3. File deletion in FAT16
  4. Contents deletion in FAT16
  5. Fast advanced formatting partition in FAT16
  6. Complete advanced formatting partition in FAT16
  7. Searching file in FAT16 partition

VIII. File system management in FAT32

  1. Root directory management in FAT32
  2. Sub-directory management in FAT32
  3. File deletion in FAT32
  4. Sub-directory deletion in FAT32
  5. Advanced formatting partition in FAT32

IX. NTFS file system manages

  1. Introduction of NTFS file system
  2. Terminology of NTFS file system
  3. NTFS file system driver
  4. NTFS file system DBR
  5. NTFS file system metafiles
  6. Files and folders of NTFS partition
  7. Analysis of important metafile in NTFS file system - $MFT file analyzes
  8. NTFS index record and contents

X. Dynamic disk introduction

  1. Raid background
  2. RAID realization
  3. To transform the basic disk into dynamic disk
  4. Some terms
  5. Characteristics of Dynamic disk
  6. Management of Dynamic disk
  7. RAID levels

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