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QuickBooks is known as one of the leading accounting software in the world today. This Intuit development has made accounting easier for many users around the globe for years. The tool is targeted toward small businesses, so it has a wide array of audiences.

However, people struggle with finding their data once they save it through this software. This is because QuickBooks backup file location isn't exactly easy to find. So, how do you find the QuickBooks QBW file? Is it in the Bcontrol panel? Or can you simply find it if you click the company files?

In this article, we're going to answer this question and explore a few ways to find the QuickBooks backup file location easily. So, let's get started.

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How do I Find My Company File in QuickBooks Desktop

Finding the location of QuickBooks on desktop computers is quite a straightforward affair. QuickBooks itself allows you to explore the files that you have saved in an easy and simple method. So, how do you go about using this method to find company files on QuickBooks desktop? Here's how.

Step 1. Open QuickBooks desktop

Step 2. Head into the No Company Open section

Step 3. Then locate and click the "Find a company file" button

find a company file

Step 4. Explore the files

Step 5. Select one of the files

Step 6. Tap on the Open button to open the explorer

select file and hit open

Step 7. Repeat for other files

This will lead you to the folders where your files are located. You can copy and paste your files to your desired location from there. Or, you can create the backup once you have the QuickBooks data file located. From there, it’ll be easier for you to move forward. If this method doesn't work, move on to the next.

QuickBooks Data File Location on Windows

The next step is to find the QuickBooks Company files in Windows through Explorer. This method will require you to get a little technical, as you might have to copy and paste the location of the file. Or, you can simply follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1. Head into Users

Step 2. Go to Public, then Public Documents

Step 3. Head into Intuit > QuickBooks, and then Company files

Step 4. Or copy and paste this address into the Windows Explorer Address bar

“C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files”

search in windows file explorer

Step 5. Copy, cut, or move the files present in this folder

Step 6. Repeat the same for other files/Or copy the entire folder to a different location

This method will see you find the search programs and files box through the help of Windows Explorer. This method is also effective because it's quite time-saving and ensures that you can see all the files that the QuickBooks company files folder holds—and the software may or may not be showing.

Therefore, this is an ideal way for you to copy your company data files without using the QuickBooks tool itself.

QuickBooks Data File Location on Mac

The next method is to find the QuickBooks backup file location on your Mac device. In comparison to Windows/Desktop software, finding the location of your public documents or intuit QuickBooks company files is a lot easier. Here's how you can find it.

Step 1. Head into Documents

head into documents

Step 2. Find the QuickBooks folder

Step 3. Copy the files you wish to use/copy

Step 4. Repeat

You can also use the No Company Open feature on Mac, just like you did on Windows. However, the interface for Mac is quite different compared to the Windows version. Here's how you'll locate your files using it.

Step 1. Open QuickBooks on your Mac

Step 2. Head into the No Company Open option

Step 3. Tap on the Company Files option

hit the company files button

Step 4. Select the file you wish to copy/locate

Step 5. Click the Open button to head to its location

hit open button to head to its location

Step 6. Repeat the same for others

This method will easily help you locate the file, and then you can see its file information. So, this is one of the greatest ways to find the location of QuickBooks backup files—through advanced settings and the No Company Open option. However, if you are keen on keeping it simple, just head to the documents and use the method mentioned earlier.

Where Does the QuickBooks Backup File Store

QuickBooks saves the backup files on your PC under a folder called "Auto Backup". The name and location of this folder depend on the PC and user settings. However, the best way to find the location of these backup files is by using the tool itself. Here's how.

Step 1. Head into the backup options

Step 2. Wait for the "When do you want to save your backup copy" option

Step 3. Select any option and click on Next

select any option and hit next

Step 4. In the next option, look for "Click for options to view or changes where the automatic backup copies will be saved"

Step 5. Click on Options

click on options

Step 6. Head into the specified location

Step 7. Copy/move the backup files

Step 8. Repeat until all the files are copied

These files might include various company data files, including product information and QuickBooks backup in general. Therefore, make sure you follow these steps properly to locate the files then you can copy them easily. Once you do, you can repeat the process until you have located all the data/backup files for QuickBooks.

Pro Tip: Best QuickBooks Backup Solution Recommended

Let's close it off with a pro tip. Use a professional backup solution to create a QuickBooks file backup. The tool you will need is EaseUS Todo Backup Home, an incredible option for anyone looking to create swift, efficient, and secure backups of their important files or restore QuickBooks backup.

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What makes this auto-backup software ideal as a QuickBooks backup solution? Here are a few reasons.

  • It's a complete backup solution for systems, disks, personal data, or any format files.
  • It has the ability to clone a hard drive, entire computers
  • Provides 250GB free cloud storage
  • Supports automatic backup solution and can create scheduled backup
  • Creates backup for important files in a Security Zone

Besides all this, it allows you to save the files within a few clicks and without any hassle. Therefore, if you need a viable solution that won't take a lot of effort, then a few clicks of EaseUS Todo Backup Home is all you need.

If you need to see it to believe it, you must immediately download and install this tool and follow the steps below.

Step 1. To start backup, click the Select backup contents.

create file backup step1

Step 2. There are four data backup categories: File, Disk, OS, and Mail.

create file backup step2

Step 3. On the left-hand side, you'll see a list of local and network files. Selecting the files to be backed up by expanding the directory.

File backup

Step 4. Follow the instructions on the screen and pick the location where you wish to store the backup.

File backup step4

In Backup Options, click Options to encrypt the backup with a password, specify the backup schedule, and choose whether or not to start the backup at a certain event in Backup Scheme. There are a variety of customizable features available for you to explore, and you may tailor the backup operation to meet your specific requirements.

Backup options

Step 5. Backups can be stored on a local disk, in EaseUS's cloud service, or on a network attached storage device (NAS).

file backup step4

Step 6. EaseUS Todo Backup allows customers to back up data to a third-party cloud drive or the company's own cloud storage.

If you wish to back up your data to a third-party cloud drive, select Local Drive, scroll down to add Cloud Device and enter your account information.

Backup to cloud
You may also use EaseUS's own cloud storage service. Click EaseUS Cloud, create an account using your EaseUS Account, then log in to your account.

backup to easeus cloud

Step 7. To begin a backup, choose Backup Now. It will appear in the shape of a card on the left-hand panel when the backup process has been successfully finished. To handle the backup job in more detail, right-click on it.

File backup step7


These are the best ways to find QuickBooks backup file location. You can always switch up the settings and force the QuickBooks tool to save these files in your chosen location. This will allow you easier access in the future.

Finding the QuickBooks backup file location isn't exactly a big problem for many users. However, the problem is finding the right backup solution and storing your copies somewhere safe. That's why you're going to need EaseUS Todo Backup Home.

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If you have further questions, then you'll find their answers here.

1. What Is The QuickBooks Backup File Extension?

There are two QuickBooks backup file extensions, and the first is QuickBooks QBW file, which means QuickBooks Working File. The other is the QBB file, which is the QuickBooks Backup File. Both these files are essential in creating a backup.

2. How To Send A QuickBooks Backup File?

You can create a backup and create a zip folder to send it through emails. However, you can follow these steps to send files to another QuickBooks user directly.

Step 1. Head into File, then click on Backup

Step 2. Click on Create Local Backup

Step 3. Select the Local Backup file

Step 4. Save your file to a location of your choosing

Step 5. Send the file through email or the company portal

This will help you create the latest backup of your files and send it directly.

3. Where Is QuickBooks Data Stored?

QuickBooks data is stored in Documents or in the Public Documents folder. Once you're in, you can head into Intuit, QuickBooks, and then finally into the Company files folder. This is primarily the folder where most of the important files are kept by QuickBooks.

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