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Copy Hard Drive with Free Partition Software-EaseUS Partition Master

Copy Hard Drive with Free Partition Software-EaseUS Partition Master

(MMD Newswire) March 27, 2009 -- EaseUS, the technological leader in hard disk management software announced its update to EaseUS Partition Manager and renamed it as EaseUS Partition Master. The updated version allows users to resize, move, copy, create and delete partitions under Windows 2000 /XP /Vista. Among these features, Partition & Disk Copy is specially designed for users who need to update hard disk to a new one without losing data.

Because the price of hard drive is falling and demand for more hard disk storage is growing, people prefer to increase their hard disk storage by copying the hard disk content from the old to the new hard drive. With the help of partition & disk copy utility of free EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition, It is now an easy task at low cost.

EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition offers a free solution for hard disk copy between two hard disks or two partitions. With Partition & Disk Copy of this freeware, users can replace the older smaller hard disk with a newer larger hard disk without installing the Operating System and applications again.

Furthermore, this new version of EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition not only supports sector by sector copy but also file by file copy. It saves times for users to copy partitions dramatically. And during the partition copy process, it also allows you to resize partitions in order to fit the target partition.

By backing up, if your computer crashes or has a virus infection, you can still get your files back easily from the backup disks or other safe places where you choose to back up your data.

Pricing & Availability

Profession Edition: $31.96 only. Supporting 64 bit Operating System, it allows users to create a bootable CD.

Server Edition: Single license for Server users. Buy now at $199 only.

About Yiwo® Tech Development Co., Ltd.

The company specializes in hard disk management and data recovery software for Windows OS. Its other major products are Data Recovery Wizard Professional, Data Recovery Wizard, and Partition Table Doctor. For more information, visit: EaseUS or contact Lydia Wei at:

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