World Backup Day 2023: Picking the Best Online/Offline Backup Software

World Backup Day 2023 is on Friday, March 31. Every year at this big event, people will remind of the importance of their digital data. We will see modern-day backup options. EaseUS Todo Backup will take the responsibility of protecting data from being deleted, corrupted, or damaged.

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Updated by Jean on Jul 20, 2023

World Backup Day is celebrated on March 31 of every year to remind us of the Importance of Backup in the digital world. Even in today's world of advanced software and programs, recovery of every byte of data is not guaranteed. So making digital copies of our data will always keep our information safe rather than risking it in all critical situations. 

World Backup Day is widely known as a major backup activity taking place on the internet, where many backup industries and tech companies tweet and have podcasts about the importance of taking measures to backup Desktops, Documents, Pictures and folders with reliable data backup software and services. 

Here, EaseUS Todo Backup decides to join with worldwide participants on this big day, to deliver some backup essentials and let people and companies know us. Following is a free download button for computer owners to make a backup of the computer operating system, hard drives, partitions, files, folders, mailboxes, and gameplays.

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What You Do on World Backup Day on Fri, Mar 31, 2023

On World backup day (i.e., On March 31st of every year), we step towards securing our data by backing them up on external hard drives and cloud platforms and encouraging our fellow employees and mates to make copies of their essential files. We do backups more than once a year, but we take this annual ritual to emphasize it more often. Because hardware will get cheaper, but data will always be priceless.

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Why We Put Emphasis on Backup So Much

There are a lot of scenarios where your data could be compromised or lost. In such cases, a data backup will be handy for retrieving the data. That is a recovery or a backup if any piece of data becomes inaccessible.

The scenarios where a simple data backup could be really useful are:

  • If your device becomes a victim of a virus or ransom attack and results in corrupt data.
  • Data loss due to human errors.
  • When your storage units, like external hard drives and disks, crash.
  • Natural disasters could destroy devices and cause the loss of critical data.

Morden World Backup Options for PC and Mac

You can back up data in multiple ways, but the right one helps you to recover it faster and cleaner. Let us look at some standard backup options to Backup your files on World backup day.

1. Removable Media

The age-old way of backing up data is with the help of CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives, and disks. You can copy your files and store them in a different place. This is perfect for small amounts of data, but it gets complicated to manage and recover as the data gets abundant.

2. Redundancy

You are making copies or cloning every file. Or you can set up an additional storage unit to replicate the system's storage and back up at intervals or throughout. Redundancy is helpful up to a specific limit, as it requires frequent cloning and updating, making it another task to accomplish and, for example, setting up a standby email server to back up the primary email server.

3. External Hard Drive

Another efficient solution is using an external hard drive to save files. We need to archive our local files to that drive regularly, as archive software allows you to restore files with an RPO of only a few minutes. The downside is that more than one hard drive will be required as the volume increases, and the RPO will considerably grow based on volume. An external hard drive also increases the threats to your local network.

4. Backup Appliances

Backup appliances are storage devices mounted onto your network through pre-integrated software to back up all your data from a single device. Vendors provide these with large storage capacities. You must install them, define your backup schedule and policy, and your data is backed up to the appliances. If you are going with this, try to isolate your local networks from them, ideally a remote site.

5. Software Tools

Using software tools to back up your device offers much flexibility but at the cost of complex deployment and configuration. You need to define what data, drives, and systems and where you would like to Backup (i.e., allocating the storage devices) and be done. The tools will automate the whole process.

6. Cloud Platforms

Cloud solutions allow you to save data in remote locations. These Platforms provide Backup as a Service (Baas) to keep your data on private or public clouds to restore data in emergencies. The drawbacks are the storage costs of large volumes of data and public clouds require you to maintain compliance with regulations and standards.

The final solution you should opt for to back up your data should be based on the 3-2-1 Backup strategy. This method ensures your data is appropriately cloned and safely restorable. The technique goes as three copies of data are created on at least two different storage units, and at least one copy is stored on a remote device.

Best Windows Backup Solution on World Backup Day, and Anytime

EaseUS Todo Backup is a one-click backup and instant recovery tool to back up all your files on your device. The tool packs up simple UI and powerful methods to create backups of disks, partitions, OS, and files to your local drives, external hard drives, and clouds. Even the free version provides advanced backup options like incremental, schedules, encrypted, and differential Backup solutions. The software offers free 250 GB cloud storage with backup software to access your data anytime. You can restore data with high speed and efficiency to your preferred location with advanced recovery options like system image, bootable, and disaster recovery.

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Key Features of EaseUS Todo Backup:

  • Award-Winning Automatic Backup solutions for all situations.
  • Reliable cloning software for upgrades, backups, and disk duplications.
  •  Efficient and secure Backup for disks, systems, and files.
  • Advanced backup and recovery solutions.
  • Offers multi-path and cloud storage up to 250GB with the basic plan. 

FAQs About World Backup Day

1. Why is World Backup Day celebrated?

The history of world backup day is associated with a Reddit post, where someone posted a story about him losing very valuable data. And the digital consultant Ismail Jadun came across the post and felt important to remind people to back up data.

2. What is national Backup Day?

National backup day refers to World Backup Day that celebrated on March 31 every year.

3. What are the stats of World Backup Day?

According to the official, 21% of people have never made a backup, 113 phones lost or stolen every minute, 29% of data loss cases are caused by accident, and 30% of all computers are already infected with malware.

4. What are the three factors to consider for successful backups?

To ensure a complete, stable, and successful backup file, you must follow solid backup strategies regarding backup, recovery and time.

5. What are the 6 most popular backup media that are used today?

According to EaseUS backup software, the most popular backup media are removable media, redundancy, external hard drive, appliances, software tools, and cloud platforms.

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