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How to use Windows 7 incremental backup software to back up Windows 7?

Posted on Nov 29, 2017 by Tracy King to Backup Utility

B Windows 7 incremental backup software to protect your data and files all the time. Backup hard drive partition data to image which can be compressed to save space and time.

Overview of Windows 7 incremental backup

What is incremental backup? It protects data by creating multiple copies that are based on the differences in those data: a successive copy of the data contains only that portion which has changed since the preceding copy has been created.

The most basic form of incremental backup involves only those files that have changed since the last backup. Since changes are typically slow, incremental backup is much smaller and quicker than a full backup. For instance, following a full backup on Friday, a Monday backup will contain only those files that changed since Friday. A Tuesday backup will contain only those files that changed since Monday, and so on. A full restoration of data will naturally be slower since all increments must be restored. Should any one of the copies created fail, including the first (full), restoration will be incomplete?

Windows 7 is advanced that you can create an incremental backup with its "Backup and Restore" function. You can back up system, whole partition or disk to the image file as you want. Before proceeding this operating, you'd better confirm if there is enough space to store the image files because Windows 7 will not compress them.

However, it cannot back up a single file or several files. Fortunately, professional Windows 7 backup software will help finish this task.

Find Windows 7 incremental backup software

EaseUS Todo Backup offers safe Windows 7 incremental backup feature for you! You can free download this software to incremental backup Windows 7 and all contents in your PC with ease now. Use EaseUS Todo Backup, you can perform single file or folders incremental backup, disk or partition incremental backup, which wholly depends on your requirement. 

Create Windows 7 incremental backup with EaseUS Todo Backup

Note: Before you do an incremental backup, you must make a full backup for your hard drive partition data.

Windows 7 incremental backup

Take file incremental backup, for example, you just need to follow the steps below to create Windows 7 incremental file backup.

1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup, select one existing backup task and then click Backup on the top.

Select Backup management

2. Choose Incremental backup to perform a backup.

Besides incremental file backup, EaseUS Todo Backup also provides System Backup and Recovery, Schedule Backup, and Disk Clone functions. With this powerful backup software, your life will be easy! Why not have a try now! Just download to get the best backup & recovery software!