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Upgrade SD Card with Free Memory Card Cloning Software

Updated on Apr 16, 2019 by Brithny to Backup Utility

Use the best free memory card cloning software to upgrade SD card with a smaller capacity to another SD, SDHC, SDXC card with larger capacity. You're allowed to clone SD card in a Windows 10 computer.

SD Card Low Space Warning

Being put into use since 1999, Secure Digital (SD) is welcomed by many small portable devices such as digital video camcorders, digital cameras, handheld computers, audio players and mobile phones. Secure Digital includes four card families available, which are known to us as SDSC (1MB~2GB), SDHC (2GB~32GB), SDXC(32GB~2TB) and SDIO.

Life's getting wonderful and convenient with the use of SD cards, which could keep tons of pictures, favorite music, videos, movies and installed apps, personal documents, etc. Actually, you can save as many stuff to an SD card as you wish, only that the SD card space is never running out of storage. But we know that's not the truth. Here is what an SD consumer says.

"I take photos with my Canon camera with no trouble until it prompts SD card low space error message. That's what I initially concerned when purchased a Samsung 4GB SD card, the capacity is so far from enough for shutterbugs like me. It's time to think about buying another memory card now. But the problem is what's the best free memory card cloning software should I use to upgrade SD card without losing data?"

What's The Best Free SD Memory Card Cloning Software

As you can see, running out of memory is a bad thing. In this case, it's perfect to swap a smaller SD card with another bigger SD card or SDHC, SDXC card without losing anything on it. If you decide to purchase a new larger SD card and want to transfer the contents from the previous small SD card totally, you need the best free cloning software.

EaseUS Todo Backup happens to be the best free memory card cloning freeware. It works on a Windows computer (Windows 10 is supported), and the cloning process can be done automatically without requiring technical skills.

How to Upgrade SD Card With The Best Free Cloning Software

Prepare your old and new SD card, and you need the SD card readers to connect them both to a Windows computer. After correctly connecting them to the computer, you can follow the steps behind to start cloning SD card. To complete the SD card upgrade job, make sure that the storage capacity of the target SD card is no less than that of the source SD card.


  • Connect both of the SD cards to your Computer.
  • Download EaseUS Todo Backup to your computer.

Step 1. Open EaseUS Todo Backup and go to the "Clone" feature.

open easeus todo backup and click clone

Step 2. Select one of the SD cards that you want to clone. 

select one of the usb as your source disk

Step 3. Select the other SD card as the destination to save your data.

select the other USB as your destination

Step 4. Preview the disk layout and then click Proceed to execute the USB cloning process.

preview the usb settings and click proceed to satrt usb cloning

After all these steps were smoothly done, you may go to Windows Disk Management to check the cloned SD card. It should be exactly the same with the old SD card. Once upgrade SD card by using the best free SD card cloning software, you got much more extra storage space for the future resources in your camera, phones, camcorders and more portable devices.