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How to Update Windows 10 to 11099 and Fix Device isn't compatible Problem

Posted on Dec 07, 2017 by Jean to Backup Utility

So now 11099 is available for you update from Windows 10 previous version, right? Are you really ready to update system to Windows 11099 build? Or you have already got 11099 in your computer but are facing "Device not compatible" problem? Read this following article, you'll find solutions for how to fix Windows 10 update to 11099 “Device isn't compatible” problem.

Device compatible problems you may meet after update Windows 10 to 11099

It's no longer a new topic that device compatible problems become more obvious since Microsoft published Windows 10. And “Device isn't compatible” problem happen to Windows 11099 too. Here the following are some device compatible problems that Windows users have found. So they may happen to you too if you update Windows 10 to 11099 build:

1. Losing important data such as applications or documents
2. CirTrix XenDesktop break
3. Applications, depending on Adobe Flash, may crash when launch. Skype, QQ, WeChat, etc apps also get affected.
So if these problems happen to you, what will you do? And will you stop thinking of update Windows system to 11099 build again? Don't worry. Here the following, we'll introduce you some useful and effective method to help fix “Device isn't compatible” problems after Windows 10 update to 11099.

Solutions for Windows 10 update to 11099 and "Device isn't compatible" problem

Step 1. Backup all important data, documents, and even partition before updating to 11099

If you are an Insider users of Windows 10 and you are thinking of updating to Windows 11099, it is highly recommended for you to backup all important personal files, documents and even the whole partition disk. This will be very helpful to prevent data loss trouble after updating Windows 10 to 11099 build. Due to device compatible problem, some of your previous apps or tools may stop working so that some important files may become inaccessible or even lost directly.

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EaseUS Todo Backup allows users to backup important data to fix device compatible problem.

When you update Windows 10 to 11099, you'll still have important data with you. Or if you don't like 11099, you can directly downgrade 11099 to the previous OS without worrying about losing anything.

Step 2. Update to Windows 11099

After backing up all your important files, apps or even partitions, you can start updating your system to Windows 11099 build now:

If you want to experience Windows 11099 right now, you can go to:
Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Check update > Update now.

If you prefer a more stable one, please follow:
Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Advanced options > “Get Insider Preview builds” > Move the slider to the Slow ring.

Update Windows 10 to 11099 and fix device compatible problems.

Then you need to restart your computer and enjoy Windows 11099 on your computer now. If you are not an Insider users or you are unable to update Windows 10 to 11099 right now, you may have to check up Windows update to see whether 11099 is available to you or not. If it's inaccessible to your system now, please wait patiently.

Step 3. Fix device compatible issues after updating to Windows 11099 build

CirTrix XenDesktop break: It is recommended that Insiders who haven't updated to 11099 by Fast ring move to the Slow ring. This will help you to skip this problem.

If you have already chosen the Fast ring and are facing CirTrix XenDesktop break problem, please choose other desktop management apps or retry it again.

Applications crash: Skype, QQ, WeChat and other apps depend on Adobe Flash may crash or suddenly crash after working for a while. This is because these third-party companies haven't produced relative apps for the latest new system.
You are also recommended to relaunch or restart apps again.

So now you have known how to update Windows 10 to 11099 build and fix “Device isn't compatible” problems. Don't afraid that you'll have no ideas about how to solve these issues. Take actions and get Windows 11099 on your computer now.