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How to Sync Emails in Outlook 2016

Updated on Apr 19, 2019 by Tracy King to Backup Utility

You're going to learn how to import/backup/sync emails in Outlook 2016. EaseUS Todo Backup has upgraded with a sync alternative feature - Email Backup for PST files auto backup in Microsoft Outlook 2016.

Email synchronization can be easy if you use a web email service like Gmail and Hotmail. You won't worry about losing the sent or received emails if you change a computer as long as you have the login account and password so that you can have all the emails and other information synchronized by opening up a web browser on any computer.

However, some of us are required to use or some prefer to use a desktop program, most commonly used like Microsoft Outlook, won't be so lucky having those emails on one computer to another. If it is unlikely to sync emails in Outlook 2016 by using Outlook client, why still Microsoft Outlook owns an increasing number of worldwide users since Outlook 2016 came out? In fact, that's not a big deal.

Method 1. Official email sync method provided by Microsoft

If you have a sync problem while trying to synchronize Outlook 2016 emails, you can refer to troubleshoot sync problems in Outlook, which is provided by Microsoft, for tutorial help.

Method 2. Sync alternative method for automatically backing Outlook 2016 emails

If you are looking for a simple way to automatically backup Outlook 2016 emails rather than syncing to Cloud or other devices, you can create a scheduled backup plan for Outlook 2016 as an alternative way to sync emails and contacts and some other items in Outlook desktop program. And the detail steps are available in the below paragraphs now.

Email Sync Alternative: Create Scheduled Backup of Outlook 2016 with EaseUS Todo Backup

This part we will introduce you an alternative way to sync emails by setting a scheduled backup task for Outlook 2016 backup.

EaseUS Todo Backup has been recently upgraded to go 100% compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2016 in mail backup with a scheduled feature.

This amazing feature can help you backup Outlook data on your PC. And users can also back up the Outlook 2016 PST files anywhere like an external hard drive, USB drive, network and Cloud as well as restore the files when Outlook crashes or important emails lost in their current Outlook account on PC.

Email Sync Alternative Guide: Create a scheduled Outlook 2016 backup for automatically backup email

Read these below-listed tips carefully before start creating Outlook 2016 automatic backup plan:

1. Schedule: Off option in EaseUS Todo Backup will help you set the backup plan for Outlook 2016 email auto backup. This is a perfect alternative solution for syncing emails.

2. EaseUS Todo Backup supports you to backup Outlook email files on your current PC or to an external storage device. But it only works to restore email backup images to the original Outlook account on your PC. 

If you want to transfer or export email files to another computer or device, please refer to export or back email/contacts to a PST file and transfer it to another computer with detail tutorial guidance.

Let's see how to create a syncing alternative backup plan for automatically backing up Outlook 2016 emails, contacts, etc. with ease now:

1. Download and launch EaseUS Todo Backup. Click Email Backup.

click email backup to backup emails


Windows live mail and Mozilla Thunderbird is not supported.

2. Specify contents for backup. You may choose to back up the whole mailbox, individual folder(s), Contacts and Calendar, etc.

choose the contents to back up

3. Click the folder icon to modify your backup destination. Enter Plan name and Description for your disk and partition backup. By default, the name and description are given based on the backup time and backup type.


Backup options are to edit the advanced parameters.

The schedule is to create an automatic backup plan. You can choose to back up emails daily, weekly, or monthly. 

back up emails with a schedule

These settings are for reference only but not a prerequisite for backup.

4. Click Proceed to perform Email backup.