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Schedule SQL Server 2016 database backup

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SQL Server 2016 automatic backup with automatic SQL backup and recovery software to protect your important business data and ensure business continuity - EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server.

The database server is the heart of information storage for the enterprise, so special care must be taken in managing this critical resource. Database backups hold second place in importance only to the actual data itself. With this mindset, I am adamant about making sure that backups are done properly and on a regular schedule. Performing SQL Server backups is one of the most important tasks.

This paper discusses schedule backup that is available in SQL Server 2016 and using SQL Server backup software.

Free schedule backup SQL Server 2016 database

SQL Server 2016 enhances some aspects of the backup and restore functionality. There is also additional functionality that helps individual organizations take full advantage of commands in SQL Server 2016. It is highly recommended that all SQL Server databases be backed up periodically. This provides the best chance of successfully recovering a production environment in the quickest amount of time in case there is a disaster situation.

Schedule a backup using the Maintenance Plan Wizard which allows a backup to be scheduled through the Graphical User Interface for free. Create a new maintenance plan, select all databases, specify backup options and a schedule, complete the wizard. It will create a job that will backup all of the databases using the options that you specified. See how to free schedule backup SQL Server database?

Download SQL Server backup software: EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server is professional backup software for SQL Server 2016, 2005, 2008. It supports hot backup that backs up database and log without interrupting MS SQL Server running service. It restores the database to the new database or the current database when facing with database disaster. You can backup database with full backup, differential backup, transaction log backup and save the backup to disk or tape. If you have any questions about the program, you can enjoy free technical support for all products. First, you can refer to the backup SQL solutions based on different situations.

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