[2023 Featured] Best Seagate External Hard Drive Auto Backup Software

Seagate external drives are quite popular among users. This article will help you find the best auto backup tools for these external storages.

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Updated by Larissa on Jul 20, 2023

Seagate is one of the leading manufacturers of storage devices. It has some of the best hardware in the market, and it's heavily regarded as one of the most reliable brands today. And part of the reason behind that is its external hard drives.

Seagate external drives are very popular around the globe. They offer great storage for low prices, and this makes them a favorite for external storage solutions. But external drives, much like any storage, can lose data if you don't back them up properly.

That's why a lot of people look to find Seagate external hard drive auto backup software - including the ability to backup data from various PCs to OneDrive. In other words, they need a tool that helps them back up data to an external hard drive just as they make any changes.

This helps in avoiding any issues with potential data loss. So, let's keep going to talk about the best Seagate auto backup software you can use in 2023.

Is It Necessary to Back Up Seagate External Hard Drive?

The simple answer is yes; it's definitely necessary to back up your Seagate external hard drive. Data of any sort can be susceptible to various issues, such as hardware failure or computer virus attacks. In order to avoid all that, it's important to back up storage of all kinds - including Seagate's external hard drives.

And what happens if you don't back up your Seagate external drive? You risk losing your data in many ways, including:

  • Losing data if Seagate external drive has a hardware failure;
  • Accidental deletion of your data;
  • Failed synchronization while copying the data to your external device;
  • Losing the data in a virus attack.

And this is why you need Seagate external hard drive auto backup software to ensure your data remains intact. And that your important files remain secure in any of these cases.

5 Best Software to Automatically Backup Seagate External Hard Drive

Now that the basics are out of the way let's talk about the five best Seagate auto backup software. These tools offer the best options to back up any type of external device or data storage. So, let's explore these carefully-picked options.

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1. EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup is one of the best backup tools you can find today. This remarkable program has become the primary choice for many users, as it has intriguing and reliable options for data backup. The ability of this tool allows you to easily back up your storage.

easeus todo backup homw

Thus, making it one of the best choices today to use as your Seagate auto-backup software. It offers lenience, reliability, and easy options that allow you to back up your device quite conveniently.


  • Scheduled backup to automatically create your Seagate external drive backup
  • Security Zone protection to avoid virus attacks
  • Hard Drive Cloning - including external and internal drives
  • Included cloud storage for additional security

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Pros Cons
  • Very easy to use
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Offers 250GB of free cloud storage
  • Use the backup image to extract specific files
  • Not easy to configure automatic backup to the cloud

2. Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (Formerly True Image)

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, previously known as True Image, is perhaps one of the most renowned names in the backup and recovery business. This tool has all the key essentials that you need in a backup tool to use as your Seagate external hard drive auto backup software.

acronis true image

It has the necessary options to help you create scheduled automatic backups. On top of that, it also provides easy data migration procedures, which makes it one of the most intriguing options in the market today.


  • Offers encrypted storage for enhanced security
  • Enhanced All-in-one protection option
  • Easy-to-automate backup feature
Pros Cons
  • Not very affordable
  • Not exactly easy to use

3. Handy Backup Tool

Handy Backup Tool is another program you can use as your primary Seagate auto-backup software. The reason this tool is ideal for your external device is its affordable and flexible nature. The tool is designed to help you make the automated backup for your exact need.

handy backup

This means that it allows you to check backup and recovery files before recovering specific files. And it also allows you to create incremental, differential, or synchronized backups.


  • Native Backup Format, i.e., check backup files with File Explorer
  • Ability to connect backup to any cloud storage of your choosing
  • Customized automatic backup
Pros Cons
  • Ability to create a backup at assigned times
  • Support various types of backup
  • Encryption to protect data from malicious threats
  • Not a friendly UI design
  • It can be difficult to configure assigned/automatic backup

4. Paragon Backup & Recovery

Paragon Backup & Recovery is another incredible option for Seagate external device users. The reason this tool is on this list is that it's targeted at people who wish to create automatic backups swiftly. Thus, its ability to set up quick and automatic backup stands out.

paragon backup and recovery

Besides that, it also offers a variety of other options, which allow users to take advantage of its extra features.


  • Ability to adjust automatic backups quickly
  • Set backup timings according to your need
  • Explore copies before restoring
Pros Cons
  • An easy UI design
  • Handy advanced options
  • Also acts as a disk management tool
  • No specific backup options
  • Backup automation can be difficult to configure

5. Nova Back Up Local + Cloud Backup

Nova Backup is an all-around backup and recovery solution, but its specific options make it an ideal Seagate external hard drive auto backup software. The reason this tool made this list was its ability to create data backups and protect them.

nova backup

This includes protection from viruses and other malicious content by the security of your choice. Either by creating an encryption zone or by uploading your data to the cloud, this tool can secure your Seagate external device easily.


  • Supports various storage systems, including tape libraries
  • Endpoint data protection
Pros Cons
  • Convenient automatic backup settings
  • Easy data migration
  • Quality customer support
  • The overall requirements of 3DS
  • Not very affordable
  • Not as feature-rich as other options

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best tools you can use today to back up your Seagate external device. All of these tools offer you the ability to automatically back up the data within your Seagate storage or backup the data from your PC to your external storage.

Thus, using these tools can help you achieve that easily. But if you're looking for an option that does it all, then EaseUS Todo Backup is the standout option among all these programs.

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Seagate Auto Backup Software FAQs

1. How do I automatically back up my Seagate external hard drive?

The list mentions five tools, and each of them has its own way of setting up your automatic backup. The most lenient and easy options are offered by EaseUS Todo Backup, as it sets up the automated backup to your Seagate external drive in a few clicks.

2. What is Seagate Backup software?

Seagate backup software is the default program provided by Seagate to its product buyers. However, there is a certain lack of options and flexibility in this tool, which pushes users to find other options.

3. How do I use Seagate Backup Plus software?

Once you have installed the tool and connected your Seagate drive, here's what you'll do: Open Seagate Dashboard -Head into Protect now.

This will ensure that your primary data is protected and backed up into the Seagate plus external drive line-up.

4. How does Seagate Continuous backup work?

Seagate continuous backup allows you to replace the backup file in your external drive as soon as the changes are made. Thus, keeping it safe and secure every time you make any changes or modifications.

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