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How to restore Windows Server 2008 to different hardware without reinstalling operating system?

Updated on Dec 08, 2017 by Brithny to Backup Utility

Migrate/Restore Windows Server 2008 to different hardware with EaseUS Todo Backup can help you restore the operating system to dissimilar hardware without reinstalling system and applications.

Can you make sure you will use Windows Server 2008 on the same hardware all the time? I think no one will say "Yes". What will you do when encountering the following matters:

  • Software failure
  • Hardware failure
  • Computer theft
  • Natural disaster
  • User error
  • Other data transfer issues

There is no doubt that the best solution is to restore Server 2008 to different hardware to ensure the normal operation of the system.
Third-party software is needed for Windows itself doesn't support restoring system state to another computer with different hardware configuration. Now, we will introduce you a kind of powerful Server backup software to realize restoring Windows Server 2008 to dissimilar hardware - EaseUS backup program.

Best backup & recovery software - EaseUS Todo Backup

People refuse to change or upgrade system hard disk drive mostly because reinstallation of system and applications is a time-consuming job. If you still bear the slow performance of the operating system, if you still install the same system and applications on a brand new computer step by step, EaseUS Todo Backup Server Edition will make your life easy!

Restore Server 2008 to Different Hardware

This is the Server backup software to satisfy the requirement of restoring Server 2008 to different hardware without reinstalling the old operating system and applications. Boot failure never happens to EaseUS Todo Backup users! System Transfer function will restore an image from the system originally backed up to a hardware platform with a dissimilar processor, different motherboard or a different mass storage device, as well as ensure the server or workstation can boot its operating system normally after a restoration/deployment.

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