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Quick Fix: Paragon Migrate OS to SSD Failed

Posted on Nov 16, 2017 by Tracy King to Backup Utility

Try quick fix methods to fix Paragon migrate OS to SSD failed issue, or easily get rid of the Paragon software error with the best Paragon migrate OS to SSD alternative.

Paragon Migrate OS to SSD 4.0 Failed to Migrate AGAIN

"Hi, if you're Paragon software's migrate OS to SSD 4.0 users like me, please help me with the migrating issue. I have a new SSD and wanted to migrate the Windows OS to it, and learned from an article that this piece of software would allow you to do it easily without reinstalling Windows. But I tried many times, Paragon migrate OS to SSD failed due to errors 'failed to copy partition with the OS. Error: Bad parameter or function' and 'not enough disk space' to compete the migration. My SSD is 128GB, while the hard drive containing OS is 1TB. Is that causing the problem? I need a fix. How can I complete the migrating and boot from the SSD in success?"

Paragon is a sophisticated disk backup and cloning, OS migrating software that facilitates disk operation job for many people. Lately, some Paragon migrate OS to SSD problems are reported. Such as bad parameter function, fails migrating without any error messages, destination SSD won't boot, migration incomplete but shows wrong message of successful migration to SSD, etc.

Fix Paragon Migrate OS to SSD Failed Issue

1. Use CHKDSK to confirm if there are bad sectors or blocks on the hard drive, because bad blocks would corrupt migration process;

2. Make sure migrating MBR disk to MBR disk, and GPT disk to GPT disk.

3. Delete all partitions on the target disk leaving only unallocated space without any partitions.

4. "Users" folder must conclude in the migration process.

5. Give up Paragon Migrate OS to SSD 4.0 crack if it's the one you're applying to do the system and data migration.

Try Paragon Migrate OS to SSD Alternative - EaseUS Todo Backup

If the fixes above don't correct the Paragon errors, it's time to try a Paragon Migrate OS to SSD software alternative. The highly recommended one is EaseUS Todo Backup, which provides higher chance of successful system and data migrating from one hard drive to another, from HDD to SSD by copying all essential files to make sure a normal boot from the new SSD.

You can employ EaseUS todo clone software to free clone disk to a solid state drive to upgrade disk, transfer data or migrate Windows operating system without reinstallation. See how easy it is to complete the SSD migration with EaseUS todo clone feature.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and select Clone.

Step 2. Select the source disk or partition you want to clone and click Next.

choose source disk to clone os to SSD

Note: EaseUS todo clone supports to clone a small disk to a large one, also, clone a large disk to a smaller one, but with a prerequisite. The capacity of destination disk should be at least equal to the used space of the source disk.

Step 3. Select the SSD as destination disk and click Next. Click Advanced options, in which the "Sector by sector clone"  can clone all sectors including bad sectors from source disk to destination disk. Tick "Optimize for SSD" to achieve the best SSD performance.

choose SSD as destination disk to clone OS to SSD

Step 4. Preview the disk layout and then click Proceed to execute the disk cloning.

preview disk layout and clone OS to SSD