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Ghost Windows Server 2012 hard drive with EaseUS Todo Backup

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Ghost Windows Server 2012 hard drive with server backup software - EaseUS Todo Backup to backup server system state and transfer system to different hardware.

This article will explain how to protect your servers and data using a backup. Backup helps to protect data from accidental loss if your server's hardware or storage media fails. If the original data on your hard disk is accidentally erased or overwritten or becomes inaccessible because of a hard disk malfunction, you can easily restore the data through ghost your server hard disk.

The Things You Should Consider Before Backup

The recommendations here are only for file and print servers running Microsoft Windows 2012 Server. The following sections cover the options that you should consider before creating backups of your servers.

  • Select a Type of Backup Storage

The backup storage can be a hard disk drive or a separate storage device such as a tape drive. Backing up to tape is preferable because you can create a backup and store the tape in a different location from the computer. This protects against hard disk failure as well as loss from a fire or other catastrophic event.

If you choose to back up to a hard disk, make sure that it is a hard disk separate from your primary hard disk in case your primary hard disk fails. Backing up to a hard disk drive is convenient, but does not protect against a catastrophic event.

  • Select a Schedule

It is best to perform backups late at night, on weekends, or whenever the server is not being used. You can back up files that are open or in use; however, Backup may skip over some files that are held open by other processes. It is a good practice to close your applications while Backup is running to minimize the number of files that are not backed up.

  • Backup Permissions

Certain permissions and user rights are required to back up files and folders. As part of scheduling backups, you will be asked for information about who is running the backup. If you are a member of the Administrators or Backup Operators group on the local computer, you can back up any file and folder on the local computer to which the local group applies. If you are a member of the Administrators or Backup Operators group on a domain controller, you can only back up data on the domain controller and cannot backup data on other computers in the domain unless the Built-in Administrators group is added to the Domain Admins group.

Now, are you thinking about what tool you should choose? Here I will give your answer.

Windows Server 2012 Hard Drive Ghost Software

EaseUS Todo Backup Server is an expert backup and recovery software for Servers. Besides Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, 2012 and other non-server operating systems are also being well supported. Its ability to ghost server system state is very important if you want to get a functional system in the event of a crash. This function wins widely praise among server users. After backing up the hard drive to image, you can also use this software to restore the image to anywhere you want. Besides a local computer, if you want to restore the image of Server system partition to different computers, choose System Transfer which can save you from reinstalling. It can support full backup, incremental backup, differential backup, schedule backup.

Windows Server 2012 backup software

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