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Migrate Data and Restore System to Dissimilar Hardware with Universal Restore Software

Updated on May 17, 2018 by Brithny to Backup Utility

This tutorial article mainly tells how to backup and restore system and data to dissimilar hardware. Professional universal restore software - EaseUS Todo Backup can make it easy and simple to migrate data and restore the system to dissimilar hardware now.

Why need to transfer and restore the system to dissimilar hardware?

System backup with disk-based backup software is a routine to maintain your computer. Sometimes you need to transfer all data to a new computer, move the system to different hardware.

  • Your system hardware fails or needs to be retired.
  • You have changed hardware after system backup.
  • You need to deploy the system to different computers.

So how to perform data migration and system restoration to different hardware? You can either try to copy each file to a new hardware and reinstall the system or use universal restore software to help you to migrate data and restore the system to dissimilar hardware.

Solutions for migrating data and restoring system to dissimilar hardware

  • No.1 Recover to dissimilar hardware to universal restore system

Generally, you have two choices to transfer system to a different computer. One is to install the system on a different computer, but it's really a lot of work especially when you have to install many times.

Usually, you have to do the following steps to finish the system migration.
1. Backup system to an image file, and save the image file to a removable storage device.
2. Copy the image file to the computer you plan to deploy the system too.
3. Restore the system image file on that computer, the software will install related drivers automatically.
Then you have successfully transferred your system to a new computer.

Note: This method also works when you change your hardware after system backup on your original computer.

The other one is to download a backup & restore software such as the EaseUS backup program which can help you restore the system image to a new computer. This method is more popular and convenient.

  • No.2 Disk clone to do flexible data migration

If you only plan to transfer common data, you can copy the data directly to any removable device and then copy to other computers, or clone your disk or partition and install the cloned disk to any computer.

The disadvantage of this method is that you should prepare a new disk to clone to. If you think this is unavailable, you can choose the next method.

  • No.3 Backup data to image and restore the image

When you backup your data, your data will be compressed to an image file which can be saved to CD, DVD or other storage devices. No matter you backup single files, folders or whole disk/partition, you only need to save an image file. Restore the image file to any computer at any time when necessary.

Migrate data and recover system to dissimilar hardware with universal restore software

EaseUS backup software, advanced data backup and system backup software, with centralized management of desktops and laptops, for business users, medium and large enterprises, is provided by EaseUS. It can perform the backup, restore and clone together with itself. You can use it to perform the universal restore and migrating system and data without any obstacles. Here the following are some major benefits that you'll get by applying this software to restore the system to different hardware:

Backup: set schedule to back up system automatically at set intervals, or only backup changed parts with incremental backup or differential backup, providing constant protection for the system.
Recover: restore a failed system to different hardware in minutes only, deploy operating systems with complete hardware independence.
Clone: clone disk or partition to migrate data.
Cost-saving: with EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation, it is cost-effective and professional.

Windows 7 dissimilar hardware restore - EaseUS Todo Backup

Tutorial: How to restore Windows system backup to dissimilar hardware?

Before applying EaseUS Todo Backup to restore the system to dissimilar hardware, do remember to create system backup image firstly by using EaseUS Todo Backup. Then follow next steps to perform a universal restore and restore the system to dissimilar hardware now:

1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click System Transfer.

Recover system to dissimilar hardware

2. Select a system backup file.

Select recovery source

3. Select recovery location (the new hardware) to restore the system.
Click Proceed

Select recovery location