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Free Backup SSD to HDD Partition by Creating Backup Image

Updated on Apr 15, 2019 by Tracy King to Backup Utility

It's never too late to backup SSD to HDD partition, or any external hard drive. EaseUS Todo Backup allows to create SSD backup image to HDD partition for free.

Why Do You Backup SSD to HDD Partition

As Solid State Drive(SSD) becomes more affordable than ever, with the ability to boot up Windows faster and run longer, it's now widely integrated with a computer or popularly added to an old one. Though it's getting cheaper, compared with traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD), SSD is still highly charged because the storage capacity is much smaller. That's why we recommend a backup, copy SSD contents to the HDD partition. It's the most cost-effective plan that applies to anyone.

Then let's tell you one real story that might arouse your attention to why you backup SSD.

"I was so delighted to have a Samsung SSD installed on my desktop because since then Windows 10 loading speed vastly increases. But, one day, out of the blue, the drive died, with no clicking sound, no imminent failure message, no warning at all, just dead. It's still under the warranty, but so what? I lost everything on the drive!"

Bad luck, isn't it? People utilize SSD as a boot drive and store other programs that require a high Windows performance, it's predictable how painful it is to get a dead SSD that cannot even boot into the Windows computer. It's not like delete files, or format SSD, which can be possibly retrieved by some powerful data recovery software. Once your SSD turns to a dead state, you lose everything there if you don't create hard drive backup.

How to Create SSD Backup Image to HDD Partition

Apart from the dead SSD story, there are actually many disastrous events that are happening or happened to SSD very day, bringing serious data loss. Regarding this fact, it's time to backup SSD at a regular basis according to the cost-effective plan. EaseUS free backup software makes SSD backup to HDD partition easy, with multiple choices to manage the backup image automatically as well as periodically.

Guide for how to backup SSD to HDD partition with EaseUS Todo Backup and its additional backup strategies.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup, click Disk/Partition backup.

Step 2. Select the SSD to back up. You can select a single partition or several partitions through multiple disks as you like.

backup ssd to hdd partition

Step 3. Click folder icon behind Destination to select HDD partition as the backup image storage location. Enter Plan name and Description for your disk and partition backup. By default, the name and description are given based on the backup time and backup type.

Step 4. You can turn on Schedule and set schedule to back up disks and partitions later, daily, weekly, monthly or upon an event.

set schedule for ssd backup image

Step 5. Click Backup options and pop up the following window, set backup compression, password, splitting, etc.

backup options for ssd backup image

Step 6. Click Image-reserve strategy, and input days to preserve images or the number of last backup files you want to preserve. To control the number of the image file when you do a continuous backup with a backup schedule, you can save much disk space to store the images out of date.

system reserve image for ssd backup to hdd partition