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Windows recovery & backup software to recover your files or folders

Updated on Apr 17, 2019 by Jean to Backup Utility

EaseUS Todo Backup allows users to recover or restore files from specific folders in case of data loss disasters for all Windows users.

After you back up files on your computer, you have already leave your data in a safe state. Then how to recover the image file to get your data back when disaster happens. This article describes step-by-step instruction to recover file and folders with EaseUS Todo Backup.

How to recover files or folders with EaseUS Todo Backup

1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup, click Browse to Recover.

EaseUS Todo Backup File Recovery

2. Select an image file to recover and click Ok.

EaseUS Todo Backup Select Image

3. Select the recovery method to restore files.

Case 1: Recover specific files or folders

Manually specify all or part of the files or folders under the image file, only the selected files or folders can be recovered.

EaseUS Todo Backup recover Image

Case 2: Recover files by types

Select the certain file type(s) to recover.

Case 3: Search files to recover

You can enter the file name or "*" to search.

4. Select the recovery location:

Case 1: Recover to the original location

To recover the file or folder image to its original location completely with the folder directory.

Case 2: Specify a recovery location

The selected file or folder image will be recovered to a new location without recovering the original file directory. If you have already had the same files in the destination path, please tick Replace existing files. You can click Create folder to create a new folder.

5. Click Proceed.