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Download and Install Windows 10 KB3163018 & KB3163017

Posted on Nov 29, 2017 by Tracy King to Backup Utility

This page introduces Windows 10 cumulative update KB3163018 and KB3163017 with new features and download links. Now you can be the first to download and install Windows 10 KB3163018 or KB3163017.

Windows 10 KB3163018 & KB3163017 new features

Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 KB3163018 (for OS Build 10586.420) & KB3163017 (for OS Build 10240.16942) a few hours ago. Both of the two Windows 10 cumulative updates comes with many new features. 

Windows 10 KB3163018 new features

KB3163018 is an update specifically aimed at computers running Windows 10 November Update version 1511 and comes with improvements to many apps bundled into the OS, including Internet Explorer 11, Maps, Cortana, Edge browser, and File Explorer. 

Preview source disk and confirm to transfer data from one SD card to another

Windows 10 KB3163017 new features

Windows 10 KB3163017 is aimed at PCs that are still on the RTM version released in June 2015, and it includes mostly fixes and improvements for built-in apps. 

Preview source disk and confirm to transfer data from one SD card to another

Now, you have learned all the new features of Windows 10 KB3163018 & KB3163017 and I believe this will make it easier for you to decide whether you want to install these new builds on your PC.

How to get and download Windows 10 KB3163018 & KB3163017 

Download Windows 10 KB3163018

Windows 10 1511KB3163018 x64: Windows10.0-KB3163018-x64.msu
Windows 10 1511KB3163018 x32: Windows10.0-KB3163018-x86.msu

Download Windows 10 KB3163017

Windows 10 1507 KB3163017 x64 (10240): Windows10.0-KB3163017-x64.msu
Windows 10 1507 KB3163017 x32 (10240): Windows10.0-KB3163017-x86.msu

Except for manually downloading and installing Windows 10 KB3163018 & KB3163017, you have another choice. You know, at most times, Windows Update will help automatically download and install Windows 10 KB3163018 & KB3163017. And just like the previous CUs such as KB3156421, KB3147458, KB3140768, KB3140743, these new Windows 10 KB3163018 & KB3163017 might fail to install on some computer. When it happened to you, you can refer to how to fix Windows 10 KB3163018 & KB3163017 fails to install to find a solution. And here we also recommend you to try EaseUS free backup software to backup computer before installing Windows 10 KB3163018 & KB3163017. So you can easily and quickly restore your system & data from the backup image if something bad happened during the update process. Hope it is helpful!