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How to Set Dell Factory Restore without Losing Data?

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Brithny updated on Dec 11, 2020 to Backup Utility | How-to Articles

I need restore my Dell back to factory settings, what can I do?

Hi guys, I'm recently thinking about to set Dell factory restore for that the computer is working slower and slower. And sometimes, it even corrupted or got stuck without any notice. Some friends recommended me to reinstall the system. And my roommate suggested me to restore Dell to factory settings. This will be much easier than to reinstall the system.

But I'm wondering whether it's possible to keep all my old applications and data while setting Dell factory restore? I want to find a way or the best backup software to help me back up data and set Dell factory restore without losing any data. Please do help me and this does matter to me. Thank you in advance.

Tow Recommended Ways to Set Dell Factory Restore

To set Dell factory restore seems not really that complex but a little bit complex for ordinary users. Here in this passage, you'll find two secure and highly recommended ways to help set dell factory restore.

1. Backup data and set Dell factory restore manually

This way is recommended for those who are familiar with Dell system and need a free way to set factory restore. To restore Dell to factory set, one thing that you need to do first is to backup important data and applications in a safe spot. An external storage device such as external hard drive will be perfect. To backup files and data, one by one may take a long time.

After this you can start to set Dell factory restore now:

A.Turn on or reboot/restart Dell computer, press F8 until the Advanced Boot Option appears. Press and select Repair Your Computer on Advanced Boot Options menu, then click Next.

B.Specify language setting and click Next. Then log in with administrative credentials, choose Dell Factory Image Restore and click Next.

C.Choose Yes and reformat the hard drive. Then restore system software to factory condition check box. Click Next, the computer will be restored to default factory configuration. At last, click Finish to restart the computer when the restore operation is completed.

2. Set Dell factory image and restore to factory with third-party software

If you are seeking one easier way to set Dell factory restore, third-party system backup and restore software is your best chance. It allows users to create factory image by backing up the system and when problems happen, you can directly apply the software to restore Dell to factory settings. How to do this? EaseUS Todo Backup is able to help you now. Free download this software and follow next steps to create Dell factory image and restore it right now.

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Create Dell factory image:

Launch EaseUS Todo Backup, choose "System backup". Choose a backup destination, do not store the backup image in C or system drive. Then click Proceed.

Dell Factory Restore

If you have important data, you can choose important data and files to be backed up together with the system files.

Set Dell factory restore:

Start Dell computer by choosing boot from EaseUS Todo Backup. Then choose "Browser to Recover" and select system backup image. Click Next to set the destination location. Click Proceed.

After doing these settings, the only thing you need is to wait. This program will do Dell factory restore for you automatically without losing any data.

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