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Block/Disable Windows 10 Update Permanently

Updated on Apr 02, 2019 by Brithny to Backup Utility

Does Microsoft force you to update to Windows 10? Or your computer gets updated into Windows 10 without asking your permission? Don’t let Microsoft bother you anymore. You can directly block or get rid of Windows 10 update from your computer now.

Problems caused by Windows 10 force update

Are you feeling tired of the Windows 10 update policies promoted by Microsoft? Feeling really annoyed about the Windows 10 update schedule which pops up every day on your PC? 

Quite a lot Windows users complain that they can not really bate Microsoft's update policy to force Windows 10 update in their PCs without even asking their permission. Do you want to block/disable Windows 10 update permanently on your computer? Quite a lot of problems have been caused by Windows 10 update.

I lost the game! I was playing a game with my team when the system suddenly popped up with a Windows 10 update notice. It didn't ask me to choose update now or later. Instead, the system installed directly! My team lost the game.

This is really a terrible disaster that I lost an important excel file which records all detail requirements about the new product. My computer suddenly turn black and installing Windows 10 without any signals that I didn't even get a chance to save to document! What can Microsoft do? Nothing!

I have a friend who is an illustrator and she was really upset that she lost all here recent works that Windows 10 deleted them while updating. She even asked me what can be done with such a problem. But no effective methods can do. All her jobs were gone. What a mess!

Tip: Avoid data loss issues due to Windows 10 force update with backups

It's being a widely known issue that Windows 10 indeed will delete files while updating. And quite a lot Windows users have endured this problem. To protect your personal data and avoid unexpected system problems, it's a wise decision to create data backups and system backup image before Microsoft force your computer to update into Windows 10.

How to create backups? Powerful free backup software - EaseUS Todo Backup will help you effortlessly backup whatever you need such as files, hard drive partition, applications or even system. With the backups, you'll no longer need to suffer data loss or system compatibility issues. When you don't feel like the new Windows 10 or system problems happen to your computer, you can directly choose to restore or revert back to the previous system with ease.  

Backup data and system before to block/disable Windows 10 update.

Solution: Block/Disable Windows 10 update permanently 

So how can you permanently block or disable Windows 10 update on your computer? Follow steps to remove or disable Windows 10 and stay on Windows 7/8 or the present Windows 10 build now:

1. Right-click on "Start" and click "Run", type: SERVICES.MSC.
2. Search for "windows update" > Right-click on "Properties".
3. Change the "startup type" to "disabled" > Click "Stop" and "Apply".

After this, no more Windows 10 update notice or information will not bother you anymore. You've blocked or disabled Windows 10 update permanently on your computer. And Microsoft will also have access to force you to update system from Windows 7/8 to Windows 10.