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Updated by Daisy on Feb 22, 2023
Written by Jean

The most prominent internet scam is the technical support scam. This involves you getting a false virus scare from them that makes you think what they say is legitimate. Do not buy their fake advice. Tech support scammers are only good at frauds. This is where EaseUS Todo Backup comes in. Have your data secured so that you do not have to worry about losing it to such scammers!

What Are Tech Support Scams?

Tech support scams begin with the scammer leading you into believing that they can assist you with authentic help regarding technical support. That too at a price lower than that available widely.

You can get calls, texts, error messages, etc. The text usually has a phone number and you will be asked to call on it. The call can lead to the scammer extracting all your balance or getting access to your phone. All these different ways are being adopted for frauds.

Emails can also be used for this very purpose. A warning or promotional email is sent for such purposes. It has a link that takes you to some website. Your personal information and data are at risk under these circumstances. In short, there are various ways a scammer can approach you. And almost all the time, it seems real enough to be trusting. A pop-up can trick you into contacting a helpline shared with you, which will be a duplicate fake one.

This does not only make you lose money but your personal information is stolen too at times. Sometimes, the scammer initiates a virus he claimed was already there. And while using it, they can hack into your system with a single click.

How to Identify and Act Against Tech Support Scams

Identifying the different tech support scams is easy when you stay vigilant. Once you learn to recognize the difference, it will save you from losing your money and all your data.


Unarguably the most common way to scam someone is a general pop-up warning on the screen. It can be disguised as a message from some legitimate source or your phone. Sometimes, it can also look like a warning for viruses or errors.

tech support popup

If you get this kind of pop-up window on your computer, don't call the number. A real technical support text never tells you to contact any number through a warning pop-up. It's better to avoid clicking on these pop-ups, else they can affect your system.


You can get a call from some phone number that looks like that of some company. The person will tell you they are from some famous organization. Usually, he will tell you about issues your computer is facing. Or maybe a virus that is hiding in your PC.

Cut off Scam Call: never listen to any calls that you were not expecting. The problems you are told do not exist on your computer, and the person will give you a bill for the issues discussed. Cut off instantly if you encounter something like this.

Online Ads

Always call reliable companies when you want technical support. Do not search up on the internet and browse through the results to get your issue resolved. Calling any cell phone numbers, you found somewhere on any website will lead you to a scammer. Only contact trusted companies that have a good number of reviews on social media and search engines.

Never Make the Transaction: Try not to make transactions with your bank account without verifying the service. In case you do pay a scammer like that, call the helpline to your bank immediately. Inform them about all the details and ask if they can stop the transaction made or reverse any changes made if possible.

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Tips To Prevent Tech Support Scams

These are some important tips you should keep in mind that will always aid you in identifying and staying alert to such scams.

1. Hyperlinks and Phone numbers

Never open links that have been forwarded from an unknown number, online ad, or spam email. Also, refrain from calling on phone numbers too that have been provided from similar sources.

2. Sharing Information

Do not share your passwords and private data with anyone. This includes your information regarding banking, usernames of social media accounts, social security number, address, and date of birth. Usually, this information has nothing to do with technical support.

3. Caller ID

Use a caller ID. This is because spoofing phone numbers is not a tough task to do. And scammers master this field of work. Also, an unexpected call should be checked because trustable sources always inform and have company phone numbers.

4. Bank Transfers

Avoid using your bank account to pay for the services. Unless you completely trust the support you are getting help from, use cash to pay. You can send some money via post and also use gift cards.

5. Suspicious Messages

Delete and Block sources of the texts that are spam. And take no time to report the email or phone number to the authorities.

See More: Use EaseUS Todo Backup to Protect Yourself

Once the computer is infected with malware or ransomware, users will not be able to access their own data. Hackers usually charge users a high ransom and sometimes even if users give money, they may not be able to recover data.

However, with EaseUS Todo Backup, you will have no such worries. The Security Zone function in EaseUS Todo Backup can help you to create an "invisible" partition on the computer where viruses cannot invade. EaseUS Todo Backup helps users to protect backups from ransomwares so as to protect the data.

Follow the below steps to start the process:

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Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup, click "Tools" on the top right menu and choose "Security Zone".

Step 2. On the welcome window, click "Create Security Zone".

create security zone step 1

Step 3. Choose a partition and use it as a security zone partition. Click "Continue".

create security zone step 2

Step 4. Adjust the partition size of the security zone and click "Create".

create security zone step 3

Step 5. After creation, you can continue clicking "Set Password" to add one more layer of security over the protected zone, and the password is only required when you need to restore the backup from the security zone.


Now that you know all about these tech support scams, you can save yourself from getting attacked by one. Keep all the provided tips in mind at all times. Cybercrimes are increasing at an unimaginable rate. Keep an eye open for all such scammers when you are online. In order to reduce the risks of losing data, you'd better download EaseUS Todo Backup to help you! It can not only migrate OS to an external HDD/SSD but also encrypt backups.

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