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Paragon Backup & Recovery Review in 2021: Pro, Cons and All-around Alternative for You

Updated by Gemma on Sep 24, 2021
Written by Jean

The worst nightmare for any computer user is losing all the sensitive data. One can lose data through accidental deletion, drive failure, or something else. No matter how you lose your important files, it can easily tarnish your reputation and threaten your privacy. Thus, it is essential to familiarise yourself with some reliable backup and recovery software so you can better protect your valuable data. 

Today, we are going to review a popular data recovery software — Paragon Backup & Recovery. Here you will know whether it is worth using Paragon Backup & Recovery or not. If not, what's the best alternative you can use? 

First, let's understand the Paragon Backup & Recovery better. 

What's Paragon Backup & Recovery? 

Paragon Backup & Recovery is a data recovery program and backup management tool for Windows. It can backup your individual files, hard drives, or partitions. You can choose between creating single backups manually or set schedules to automatically backup your data. 

Paragon Backup & Recovery also has backup management and reporting features to fully secure your data. The software is ideal for small and medium businesses. In fact, you don't require intense IT knowledge to use this tool. It has a simple graphic interface that can be accessed by anyone. 

The software offers a free version with basic backup and recovery features. However, you have to get a license for the advanced backup manager for $79.95, which is a bit pricey. 

What Paragon Backup & Recovery Offers

paragon backup and recovery

Paragon Backup & Recovery software can protect files, folders, partitions, or your entire system. It can make backup and recovery child's play with many nice features, such as:

Schedule automatic backup 

You can set automatic backup routines based on your recurring operations. You can also define your custom backup parameters depending upon backup type, retention, interval, and more. 

User-friendly Recovery Media Builder 

Paragon Recovery Media Builder can prepare a WinPE-based bootable environment on a USB drive or as an ISO image. This ensures that your computer can always start up recovery without the OS failing or malfunction.

paragon backup and recovery function - recovery media builder

Informative resources 

Paragon offers several informative support resources for users. The resources help Paragon users to find relevant information containing different troubleshooting guides. Paragon blogs offer long-term articles on different tips and guides to use the platform. 

Activity report  

Paragon Backup & Recovery also has an activity report monitor that lets you track operations on the software. You can preview all your historic backup operations and future planned tasks on the Paragon dashboard. 

Backup management 

You can locate all your backed-up files on the My Backups tab on the Paragon index menu. You can further modify the properties of your backups after creating them. Additionally, you can mount the backup images to make them searchable on your computer. 

paragon backup and recovery function - backup management

What's to Like About Paragon Backup & Recovery 

  • Supports system image backups 
  • Various backup creation settings 
  • Flexible and free backup solutions 

What's Not to Like About Paragon Backup & Recovery 

  • No cloud integration 
  • Customer help forms aren't available 
  • No backup validation function

All Around Alternative for Paragon Backup & Recovery - EaseUS Todo Backup

Paragon Backup & Recovery is a great backup and restoration software, but it's not perfect. There's no free trial, cloud storage, or custom help form is available with Paragon. Thus, you need a powerful, easy-to-use, and versatile alternative for Paragon Backup & Recovery software. 

Based on all the Paragon shortcomings, EaseUS Todo Backup is the perfect alternative. This software comes victorious on numerous grounds where Paragon fails drastically, such as: 

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Cloud storage 

EaseUS Todo Backup offers a monstrous 1TB free cloud storage to premium users. That means you can securely back up your files and folders on the cloud using Todo Backup software. 

Various backup options 

You can backup your data in numerous ways on the EaseUS Todo Backup. Here you can backup your entire system to another location to make sure that you always have access to a bootable system. 

You can backup files or folders in vivid formats like network shared data. Also, you will get block-level disk imaging technology support to backup your disks, partitions, volume, and HDD/SDD. 

Email backup 

EaseUS Todo Backup allows you to create outlook email backup and easily recover your accidentally deleted emails. This way, you will never lose your important emails. 

Automatic backup 

EaseUS backup software allows you to schedule backups so you can protect and save your daily data. The smart backup is scheduled to backup your Windows computer after every half an hour. 

Further, EaseUS Todo Backup lets you backup data in four formats — Full, Incremental, Differential and Schedule. 

Additional support 

Unlike Paragon, EaseUS Todo Backup not only helps you with backup and restoration. The software offers numerous other utility features to Windows users, including:

  • Disk cloning 
  • Transfer system to different PC
  • Partition cloning 
  • Universal restore and more. 


Compared to Paragon, the EaseUS Todo Backup is more functional and affordable. The EaseUS Todo Backup Home version is available for just $19.95/month, whereas Paragon's paid version is available for $79.95. On top of it, Todo Backup also offers a free trial to the users.  

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Undoubtedly, EaseUS Todo Backup overpowers all the Paragon shortcomings and even offers more robust features. All in all, if Paragon Backup & Recovery isn't useful for you, definitely give it a try to the EaseUS Todo Backup. 

Here you can quickly back up your files or folders on Todo Backup as follows: 

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup software and then choose "File", "Disk/partition" or "OS" for different backup purpose.

back up data with easeus todo backup

Step 2. Choose the system, disk partition, files or apps that you want to back up. Then click "Browse" to select a destination where you want to store the backup file.

Product News
EaseUS Todo Backup now supports users to back up files to the cloud. All you need to do is sign up with an EaseUS account, then you could enjoy a large cloud storage space. More advantages of backing up to the cloud include accessing backup files anytime and anywhere, saving file copies offsite, so you don't need to worry about virus attacks or computer failures, and easier and faster backup and recovery operations.
back up data with easeus todo backup

Step 3. Click "Save" to start the data backup process.


Paragon Backup & Recovery is a nice data backup management software. It can create image backups, automatic backups, and many other backups for free. But unfortunately, Paragon isn't a perfect tool. It lacks cloud storage, backup validation, and many other additional functions. 

Luckily, the EaseUS Todo Backup can overshadow all the Paragon shortcomings. For instance, it offers enormous cloud storage space, swift customer support, and various backup validation functions. 

So, if you aren't happy with Paragon, download EaseUS Todo Backup today and easily backup your data. 

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Updated by Gemma

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Written by Jean

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