Comprehensive Tips: Keep Your Data Backup Safe

Regular backup should be part of your daily routine, and on top of that, you also need to ensure they are protected with a password. It ensures the safety of your data, even if it is stolen. In this post, we are sharing careful guidelines to keep your data backup safe.

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Updated on Nov 17, 2023

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  1. 1. Why Does Data Safety Matter?
  2. 2. Backup Your Data In Advance
  3. 3. Is Backup Absolutely Safe?
  4. 4. Step by step Guide: How to Encrypt Backup Drive
  5. 5. How to Encrypt Backups with EaseUS Todo Backup

Are you worried about the safety of your data? Are you looking forward to perfect assistance that can help you keep your data backup safe throughout? If yes, this guide will help you offer complete information without any hassle.

Why Does Data Safety Matter?

Data security is something we all care about but keeping it intact throughout is something the majority of us struggle about. Data backups are essential elements that we need to care about regarding adequate security. Any issue or mismanagement in the databack can work to increase the security woes tremendously.

If we go with the records, a significant percentage of security breaches are usually attributed to the mismanagement of the data backups. To make it quite compelling, we need to have a solid backup infrastructure or a good fallback plan. Here we are with the absolute guidelines that can help you keep your data safe without any hassle.

Whether personal or business, data is the primary concern all internet users worry about. If not being safe properly, hackers can easily breach your data and access helpful information that can further cause harm to you. The majority of the businesses running today rely on internet sources for storing their data. 

Whether it is about employees' records or customer details, loyalty schemes, whether it is about transactions made, or it is about data collection, everything needs to be secured perfectly. Data protection is required to prevent the misuse of your important data by third-party sources or frauds. 

Data security is the best thing one can opt to keep themselves safe from scams and identity thefts.

Backup Your Data In Advance

One can easily back up their data by using different methods and strategies where each one takes the various issues, storage needs, and vulnerabilities. It is highly recommended to go for continuous data backup to keep your data safe. Before proceeding further with any of the data backup processes, check out the capabilities of your network and the amount of data you are willing to back up. It will help you conveniently identify the right amount of backup for you.

Data backup in USB

Baking up your data in USB is affordable, convenient, and easy to use and carry around. You can easily connect a USB drive to your USB port and can drag and drop your files for further usage. It makes it easy to save and back up data in just a few minutes.


  • Affordable and portable option to pick in
  • Can save your files conveniently and it consumes a very low amount of energy
  • Ensuring a faster transfer speed makes the passwording securing process much more convenient
  • Usage of passwords makes it more secure


  • It can be misplaced easily
  • Durability is an issue sometimes
  • Limited capacity or storage space

Data backup in Cloud

Cloud services are one of the most popular methods to back up data conveniently. The best thing about cloud backup is that you don't need to worry about physical damage here. Once set up, data is backed up quickly on the cloud including the changes.


  • Enables automatic backup to the users
  • Can be accessed easily from anywhere anytime
  • Provides a vast range of storage capabilities to the users


  • Requires internet connectivity to backup and sync data
  • Possibilities for security breaches are a bit higher 
  • Limited by storage space and subscription plan
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Is Backup Absolutely Safe?

Backing up data provides safety to the data stored, but it is not 100% safe. There are certain risks that can ruin the best backup strategies. If you are eager to know what are the significant threat any backup solution can face, here is the list:

  • Backup Data theft is not uncommon
  • Storage or hardware failure can result in total loss
  • Online backups are risked because of account dependency
  • Ransomware attacks can encrypt data and make it hard to recover
  • Failure in automatic backup results in loss of data for that day
  • Data corruption can result in irrecoverable data
  • Malware and Viruses can corrupt data and replace it with something else

Both online and offline backups have their disadvantages. While they may look 100% safe, there will always be a risk that you may not be able to anticipate. Hence it is essential to take multiple backups to ensure you have options if one fails.

On top of this, you need to build a strategy for all your backup solutions. Not only should there be multiple backups, but they should also be on multiple clouds, which comes in handy in case of account compromise. 

How to Keep Data Backup Safe?

There are two ways to keep data backup safe. Either keep a comprehensive backup on multiple levels or encrypt the backup so none else can read it without the key or password. 

Make Comprehensive Backups

Comprehensive backups are the most complete or broad backups. It, in turn, also ensures easy recovery. It is highly recommended to opt for both full and incremental data backup. It should not only backup the files but also everything around it. So if you are taking backup of your PC, you should backup files and applications, create a complete image of the PC, and so on.


  • Help you in accessing your content effortlessly
  • Partially or completely restore files and apps
  • Incremental backup makes the process lot faster and takes less storage space


  • Take a long time to backup if you chose to backup everything

Encrypt backups

Encryption adds up an extra layer of protection to your device. It is the key aspect that ensures that no one can access your device or file location or will be able to acquire data itself. It is password-protected and encrypted, so no one else can easily decrypt and read the data. 


  • Works for providing personal control over your personal information
  • Adds up an extra layer of protection for the users


  • Users can't get access to their favored encrypted file in case of key loss

Step by step Guide: How to Encrypt Backup Drive

Step 1: Press the Start button and click on the search bar. Type BitLocker and click to open up the BitLocker Drive Encryption Windows.

search and open bitlocker

Step 2: Locate the backup disk in the list and click on the Turn on Bitlocker button for that drive. Then you will need to choose how you want to unlock it.

turn bitlocker on

Step 3: To enable, enter a strong password and confirm it. If you have a smart card, you can also use that. 

set password bitlocker

Step 4: BitLocker will then offer the option to backup your recovery key. You can save it into a file, print it, or save it to your Microsoft account. If you plan to use the device on multiple devices with the same Microsoft account, keep it there for a seamless experience. 

where to save recovery drive

Step 5: Next, you can choose to encrypt whatever is available on the disk or the complete drive. The latter will take longer, while the former will encrypt data as it arrives. 

how much to encrypt

Step 6: The next screen may ask you to choose a compatible mode. The compatibility allows you to carry your device anywhere and work anywhere. 

choose encryption type

Step 7: Click on the Start Encrypting button and the Close button to close the process. It will take a reasonable amount of time if you have vast storage, so it's best to be patient.

How to Encrypt Backups with EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup is one of the most popular and reliable options for backing up your device effortlessly. The integration of this fantastic tool has made the process much more convenient and more accessible for the users.

The backup option is designed to be relatively safe and secure to use. The top features and functionalities that you can get with this tool are:

  • Ensures backup of more than 1000 types of computer files and folders
  • Provides absolute backup of the entire hard drive or selected drive
  • Offers use the freedom of creating a free system backup image successfully
  • Works effectively great for automating a backup task on schedule
  • Enable backup encryption effortlessly
  • Offers the saving backup option to both local disk and cloud drive
  • Provides full-on differential and incremental backup

Security Zone

One of the biggest problems with any backup solution is protection against ransomware attacks. If ransomware gets access to your backup, it will encrypt the files again using its algorithm, and you will have no access to your data. 

That's where EaseUS Todo Backup has an edge. It includes a Security Zone feature that protects your backups from potential ransomware or virus attacks. The added layer of security ensures nothing else can read the data and encrypt it again.

Step-by-step guide

Follow the tutorial below to create a security zone without any difficulty.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup, click "Tools" on the top right menu and choose "Security Zone".

Step 2. On the welcome window, click "Create Security Zone".

create security zone step 1

Step 3. Choose a partition and use it as a security zone partition. Click "Continue".

create security zone step 2

Step 4. Adjust the partition size of the security zone and click "Create".

create security zone step 3

Step 5. After creation, you can continue clicking "Set Password" to add one more layer of security over the protected zone, and the password is only required when you need to restore the backup from the security zone.


Finally, it is all about data backup safety. Make sure to create a complete data backup for your device to use it effortlessly anytime in the future. This guide provides a comprehensive guide to keeping your data safe and secure through different mediums. However, what we recommended most is EaseUS Todo Backup. In addition, it offers 250GB Cloud storage for free.

EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup is a dependable and professional data backup solution capable of backing up files, folders, drives, APP data and creating a system image. It also makes it easy to clone HDD/SSD, transfer the system to different hardware, and create bootable WinPE bootable disks.

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