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Data Protection - How to Use OneDrive to Backup and Restore

Despite its importance, not many users know how to use OneDrive to backup and restore files. Whether on your Windows device, MacBook, iOS, or Android device, OneDrive is an easy and fast method to store essential data securely.

The default OneDrive storage is 5 GB on the backup cloud, but users can always purchase more storage. This guide will consider the advantages of using OneDrive as a backup tool. We also explain how to use OneDrive to backup and restore, including how to delete files from OneDrive.

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Why Use OneDrive as a backup tool?

The first common advantage of using OneDrive as a backup tool would be providing a secured and private cloud storage folder that is accessible from any device. But that is not all. Check out our other reasons you need to learn how to use OneDrive to backup and restore files.

  • Save space on local device storage
  • Allows team members to access files from anywhere
  • Easy file share options
  • Secured online cloud storage
  • Customizable sync experience (by admin)
  • Swift integration s with Office 365 and other Microsoft products
  • Allows multimedia

How to Backup with OneDrive

There are two standard methods to use OneDrive to backup and restore files on your computer. Either you carry out the backups (a) using the OneDrive program or (b) using the OneDrive website.

Method 1: Using the OneDrive Program

This approach involves downloading the OneDrive application and simply backing by dragging and dropping selected files. See how to use OneDrive to backup and restore with the OneDrive program.

Step 1. Visit the official website and create a OneDrive account. Upon signing in, you should see an option labeled "Get the OneDrive apps" at the bottom left. Click on it to redirect to the download page for OneDrive. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the download and installation.

download onedrive online

Step 2. After installation, a new folder named OneDrive should appear in your directory. Drag and drop files that you want to the folder as backup. You can also create subfolders within OneDrive, or set the sync option for automatic file uploads.

the onedrive folder

Step 3. Understand that you can also save files directly from Microsoft Office. Click the Save As option and select OneDrive as the destination folder.

saving files to onedrive

Method 2. Using the OneDrive Website

Not everyone might like downloading the OneDrive desktop app, and that’s okay. Such users can visit the OneDrive website for the backup of their files. Check out OneDrive to backup and restore from the OneDrive website.

Step 1. Visit the OneDrive official page and create an account. Log in with Microsoft credentials to access the online cloud storage.

sign in to onedrive website

Step 2. Locate the Upload button on the toolbar and click to upload folders or selected files.

upload files from the onedrive website

Step 3: Open the selected files/folders you have chosen and wait for OneDrive to complete the upload. The uploaded files can now be accessed directly from the OneDrive website.

How to Restore OneDrive in Windows 11

Restoring deleted files is part of learning how to use OneDrive to backup and restore. What do you do if you mistakenly deleted some essential files and need to retrieve them?

Step 1. Enter the OneDrive official page and sign in to your account.

Step 2. You should see a bar on the left-hand side. Select the tab named Recycle bin.

restoring files from onedrive online

Step 3. Here, the recycle bin is empty. However, the list of all deleted files and folders should be displayed here. Pick the ones you want and click Restore.

Alternatively, you can also restore OneDrive files from Windows. Open the Recycle bin and right-click on the files you want to restore. They get restored to the OneDrive folder since they got deleted from there.

Delete Files from OneDrive

Now that we have learned how to use OneDrive to backup and restore files and folders, what about how to delete the files when necessary. Yes, it is possible to get rid of data stored on the OneDrive cloud, and that’s what this section explains.

Step 1. Sign in to the official OneDrive website.

Step 2. Once you're logged in, choose the folders/files you want to get rid of. Do this by placing the cursor over the files and clicking the check box.

Step 3. Depending on your choice, you can either select some files or all files. After selecting, click the Delete option from the top bar on the display page. An alternative is to right-click on the selected files and select Delete.

deleting files from onedrive online

Note: sometimes, the delete option might be missing if you do not have permission to delete the specific files or folders.


That's it! We have considered how to use OneDrive to backup and restore essential data. Areas covered included the benefits of OneDrive as a backup option, backing up files with OneDrive, and how to restore/delete files on the OneDrive cloud.

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