How to Set Chrome as My Default Browser?

The default browser of Windows 11 is Microsoft Edge, many users are not used to using this browser and don't want to use Microsoft's default option. So how to change the default browser in Windows 11? Read this tutorial and learn the step-by-step guides, I hope it will be helpful.

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Updated by Daisy on Jul 20, 2023
Written by Jean

"The default browser in Windows 11 is Microsoft Edge, but I'm used to Chrome, how can I set Chrome as the default browser in Windows 11?"  I believe that many users have the same kind of problem. 

Some people would ask the question "What is the default browser?" When the user clicks on a web file or application to open a web link (URL), the default browser is the application that is automatically launched. While some other people may ask "Is default browser necessary?" Actually, you will gain some benefits and feel convenient after setting up a default browser:

  • After setting the default browser, there will be no more window to prompt you to choose which browser to open the web page. Instead, it will use the specified browser by default.
  • Different browsers have different browsing styles and speeds. You can set the default browser to follow your favorite pages, find your saved bookmarks, and choose your favorite browsing style.
  • Accelerate opening web pages, and unnecessary window pop-ups will reduce.

How to Set Chrome as the Default Browser in Windows 11?

I believe that many of you are accustomed to using one or two kinds of browsers as your default browser, right? As I know many people love Google Chrome. Today I will tell you the way to set Chrome as your default browser in Windows 11.

Step 1. Open Settings (using the Windows keyboard shortcut Win + I) and go to the "Applications" tab from the left pane. Then, click on "Default Applications" in the right pane.

click applications and default applications

Step 2. In the Search Applications field, enter the name of the application that is currently the default browser on your Windows 11 PC. 

ps: My default browser is Firefox and you can search Microsoft Edge.

enter the name of existing default browser

Step 3. There'll be a list of extensions and file types, click one extension at a time and use the pop-up menu to change the default value to Chrome.

change the default browser to chrome

Step 4. Reboot your computer.

Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome

Which browser will you prefer? Many people surf the Internet, watch online movies or play online games for quite hours. A smooth and convenient browser is essential to them. Without a doubt, for most of you, that preference will be Google Chrome, which is by far the most popular browser on both desktop and mobile. But does that mean it is the best browser? Another browser favored by people is Edge, the browser Microsoft released. To find out which browser is best, we're going to make some comparisons between Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

The Google Chrome and the Microsoft Edge browser are built on Chromium baseline as a backend. Chrome is supported with the Google ecosystem, whereas Edge is with Microsoft. Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome do have a lot of similarities, you can use them for searching, entertainment, etc. However, in some aspects, these two are slightly different. Let's see some of these differences. 

chrome vs microsoft edge

Speed and performance

Chrome's engine makes the Edge faster, and managing RAM became simple. The response speed is lightning fast and can be easily connected to all the web pages. The main difference between the two browsers is RAM usage, and in the case of Chrome, RAM consumption is higher than Edge. In terms of speed and performance, Chrome is a good choice but comes with a heavy memory. If you are running on an old configuration, I'd suggest Edge Chromium.

Extension support

A lot of improvements have been made to extension support on Microsoft Edge, and any extension that works on Chrome can now also appear on Edge. However, key features and functionality based on extensions are still missing. In Google Chrome, users can easily access extensions by simply clicking on each program's icon, it is much faster than Edge.

Security and privacy

Microsoft Edge incorporates an intelligent filtering system to protect the browsing database. However, Edge users face the problem of the delay in regular updates. On the other hand, Chrome has its database protector where malicious websites are easily detected. It also has frequent updates and a responsive alert system. However, in the aspect of protecting the database, Microsoft Edge is better than Chrome.

The Problem You May Meet

"This morning I opened up Chrome as usual and was horrified to find my bookmarks bar nearly empty. All my carefully organized and saved sites are gone. After searching a bit online, I found this isn't an uncommon issue."

It seems that sometimes things on our computers or phones disappear for no apparent reason. Google Chrome's bookmarks are no exception. The most common reason for Google Chrome's bookmarks to disappear is a badly loaded website. 

So, if you get stuck in this situation, don't be scared your Chrome bookmarks will permanently disappear. If you surf the Internet, you will find some methods that can be helpful. How to restore lost Chrome bookmarks? This article will tell you more about the workable solutions:

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3 Ways to Fix Google Chrome Bookmarks Disappeared (Full Guide)

It seems quite common for Chrome users to lose or delete essential bookmarks. If you happen to lose bookmarks or favorites in Chrome, read this article and you'll find effective solutions to restore lost bookmarks.


Extra Tip: How to Avoid Losing Bookmarks Again?

You lost bookmarks this time, but next time you may lose images, files, or systems due to some unexpected circumstances or personal mistakes, etc. Frequent use and access to data require you to make regular backups. Taking precautions is a wise choice. All you need to prepare is the free software - EaseUS Todo Backup. It is free backup software, which lets you create backups of your important files or your entire computer through its streamlined interface. This kind of software provides full, incremental, differential, scheduled backups. Download EaseUS Todo Backup, which is useful.  

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All in all, you can change your default browser to whatever you like. If you want to set Chrome as your default browser, you can follow the steps mentioned above now. On the other hand, if you are interested in EaseUS Todo Backup, please visit our website.

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