What Does EaseUS Todo Backup Do | Here're the 5 Most Popular Functions

Are you familiar with EaseUS Todo Backup? What do you think it is, a backup tool or a disk cloning tool? Here we will introduce the five most popular functions of EaseUS Todo Backup, to help you explore this software and understand more about this software.

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Updated by Daisy on Jul 20, 2023
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Overview of EaseUS Todo Backup

Since 2009, EaseUS has started its data protection journey by developing EaseUS Todo Backup. By now it has been 12 years, with rich experience and mature technology, EaseUS Todo Backup enjoys a high reputation among customers and technical review sites. At the very beginning, EaseUS Todo Backup was only designed for backing up data. Considering the various demands of all kinds of customers, it added more functions such as system cloning, disk/partition cloning, creating a bootable disk, etc.

According to our database, we understand that there are a huge amount of users who has learned about EaseUS Todo Backup through its clone function. But these users did not dig deep into all features. In the next parts, we will introduce to you the five most popular functions of EaseUS Todo Backup to help you make the best use of a good and smart tool.

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5 Most Popular Functions of EaseUS Todo Backup

The selection criteria for these five functions are based on back-end user data. Users' choice is the most intuitive reflection of what is the most useful function of a product. Keep reading and see if you have known all these functions well.

5 Most Popular Functions of EaseUS Todo Backup

#1. Clone

In EaseUS Todo Backup, there are two kinds of clones. One is Disk/Partition Clone, and the other is System Clone. Both of these two clones are meant to transfer all data on the selected disk location to another. What is the difference between these two clones and what can they help you?

Disk/Partition Clone

Disk/Partition Clone is to transfer all data from one selected disk or partition to another. When you want to perform a Disk Clone, you should at least prepare two disks and the data on the target disk will be erased. But it doesn't require two disks in Partition Clone, you can clone one partition to another in the same disk. Remember, data erase will still exist in Partition Clone, back up your important data before starting.

System Clone

System Clone actually can also be considered as Disk Clone. The difference is when you choose the System Clone mode, EaseUS Todo Backup will select the system partition and boot partition automatically. Please notice that System Clone is not available for use under the condition that your system partition and boot partition are not on the same drive.

#2. Disk/Partition Backup and Recovery

Disk/Partition Backup is to back up a whole disk or a selected partition on a disk. If you select the system and boot partitions, then you have made a system backup.

It's very simple to perform a Disk/Partition Recovery, choose the backup file in EaseUS Todo Backup, and click the "Recovery" button. Follow the on-screen wizard to recover.

#3. System Backup and Recovery

System Backup is to back up the boot partition (where your operating system is at) and the system partition. On most Windows computers, the boot partition and system partition are in the same disk and in the C drive. When using EaseUS Todo Backup to create a system backup, your boot partition and system partition will be selected automatically. The only thing you need to do is to choose the backup destination.

To recover a system backup file, you need to first find the target file in EaseUS Todo Backup, and click the "Recovery" button. You need to notice that recovering a system backup would erase the system partition of your current disk, so your computer will reboot and enter the WinPE environment to perform the recovery.

#4. File Backup and Recovery

File Backup mainly protects your files such as documents, pictures, music, and videos, etc. Under File Backup, EaseUS Todo Backup offers many options. Two of the crucial options are Preserve file security settings in backup and Include all contents referred to Reparse Point.

  • Preserve file security settings in backup - The security attributes of NTFS encrypted files are reserved with Preserve file security settings in backup checked.
  • Include all contents referred to Reparse Point - All the Windows Reparse Point or links are included with Include all contents referred to Reparse Point checked. It may result in a huge image, so you are not encouraged to check it.

When recovering the backed-up files, you can restore them to the specified location or restore them to the original location.

#5. Create Emergency Disk

EaseUS Todo Backup allows users to create an emergency USB disk or CD/DVD. It is indispensable when the Windows system fails to boot. Prepare a USB drive that can be written and read. Click the Create Emergency Disk option in EaseUS Todo Backup and follow the on-screen guide to finish.


The above five functions cover the core function of EaseUS Todo Backup. With these functions, you can clone a hard drive, upgrade a hard drive to SSD, back up and restore your system, disk/partition, and files, and even save your Windows system when it fails.

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