Top 10 Reasons to Download EaseUS Todo Backup

Here are the top 10 reasons to download EaseUS Todo Backup Free and Home, and use it to protect computer data, image a hard disk, create a system restore point, clone a disk, migrate OS, replace HDD with SSD, or make a bootable USB recovery drive.

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Updated by Daisy on Jul 20, 2023
Written by Jean

Choosing a desired data protection solution is challenging. No matter you're an individual for personal use or trying to provide clients with solid security service, it's worth a hardworking study to learn how to spend the least money on a most dependable application that can fully protect everything you and your clients value, like a computer system, financial data, designs, hard disks, settings, and configurations. Use the same amount of money, time, and effort to reach the most productive working efficacy, isn't it encouraging? Therefore, what suits your need the best? If you don't mind giving us a 3-minute reading, we have up to 10 reasons for you to download EaseUS Todo Backup - a comprehensive disk imaging, file backup and OS migration software developed by EaseUS (Trustpilot rating: Excellent 4.4 | Reviews 3400+).

Top 10 reasons to download EaseUS Todo Backup Infographic

top 10 reasons to download easeus todo backup

Top 1. 10+ Years of Brand History

It's been like 13 years since the first edition of EaseUS Todo Backup 1.1 has released. The EaseUS brand now dominates the market for Windows backup software, Windows disk management, and Windows/macOS data recovery service since 2008, and now 530 million businesses and customers are safe with EaseUS.

When you choose a product, choose a brand first, and then a trusted brand that provides value. EaseUS's backup and recovery program is such a contender with no doubt.

Top 2. First-rate Product Quality

There are over 50 engineers working meticulously in the R&D department in EaseUS, and the EaseUS Todo Backup team has dedicated leisure time to develop the most competitive backup software for Windows home users, businesses, server administrators, and IT providers as well. Now EaseUS Todo Backup is mentioned everywhere in critic reviews, and top lists of the best Windows backup software ( each year.

It's our priority to persuade users to download a free trial after trial and error on each new release.

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Top 3. Multiple Editions Tailed for Different Needs

For free users, home users and business users, they all have a custom plan! From the UI design to enhanced features, we cautiously treat every detail to let target users achieve the best experience.

The personal edition is with a neat and well-arranged function menu that aims to be beginner-friendly. Indeed, so far EaseUS Todo Backup and Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (formerly Acronis True Image) are reviewed as the two of the easiest-to-use software for average computer users. While for advanced users like IT professionals in a company and organization, we use a dark theme design and a wide array of underlying features like server backup, SQL/Exchange/Outlook mail backup, Pre/post command control, etc.

We make sure that every visitor coming to our site can pick up a plan, and we've already done it and we keep doing it better.

Top 4. Efficient and Professional Backup

To be a professional backup tool, first of all, let users decide what to backup, and how to backup. EaseUS Todo Backup supports to create a full backup, incremental backup (changes based on a previous backup), and differential backup (changes based on the first full backup) of specific files, folders, Windows operating system, hard disk, a separate partition, email, or simply an entire PC!

Don't have enough disk space to save the backup? Won't be able to get a backup drive? No problem. You need an efficient backup program like EaseUS Todo Backup to help you compress a backup image, combine several images into a smaller one, to greatly reduce the disk usage. Or we can make it even easier, try to save your accumulative backups to a NAS drive, network drive, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or the EaseUS cloud. EaseUS Todo Backup now offers an online backup solution for customers so that they can access the backup everywhere with only an account.

Top 5. One-click Smart Backup Strategy

Sometimes a smart backup strategy is necessary and helpful. What's a smart backup? Shortly speaking, the Smart Backup option in EaseUS Todo Backup can create an intelligent schedule to monitor specified files or folders every half an hour, and generate a new backup image provided any changes are made within the 30 mins. Who needs smart backup very badly:

  • To backup database files that are frequently changed
  • To backup shared files which are frequently updated by shared users
  • To create multiple restoration points for the recovery or rollback

Top 6. Pre-OS and WinPE Boot

When you first download and install EaseUS Todo Backup on your PC/server, you'll be guided to enable the Pre-OS or create an emergency disk based on an ISO file or a USB or CD/DVD disc. This is what a reliable and capable backup and recovery tool take precautions for disasters. It helps you recover the system when an unexpected failure occurs.

By enabling EaseUS Todo Backup Pre-OS, or making a bootable USB flash drive or disc for EaseUS Todo Backup, you can access your backup image or clone a failed hard drive data by booting into EaseUS Todo Backup instead of login Windows.

Top 7. Worry-free Recovery of a Created Image

It cannot be easier to recover data, system, and application in any location you've backed up with EaseUS Todo Backup. The newly introduced Cloud backup plan makes it even more flexible to restore whatever you've lost or troubleshoot the operating system issue with a system recovery image.

For the time when your computer functions well, click the Recovery button on the home menu and choose a proper backup image so you can easily go back to that version and get what you've lost back. Despite when your computer experienced a crash issue, you can still access EaseUS Todo Backup from the Pre-OS or WinPE boot to restore the system to a working state.

Top 8. Leading Disk Cloning Technology

Besides the domination in the Windows backup field, EaseUS Todo Backup has been selected as one of the best hard drive cloning software as well. It adopts the advanced cloning algorithm to allow the highest chance of successful disk cloning results on HDD, SSD, USB drive and SD card for all Windows devices. 

You can clone an entire hard drive on your PC, or clone only the system drive. Usually replicating a while the hard drive is helpful in scenarios of upgrading a hard drive with a bigger or faster one, replacing a failing hard drive without losing data, or keeping a replica of the hard drive for backup. While system clone is for the purpose of migrating OS from HDD to a new HDD or SSD without reinstalling Windows and reconfiguring preferences.

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Top 9. Exclusive Windows Portable USB Creation

Being able to make a Windows portable USB drive for Windows 11, 10 and older versions is one of the most persuasive reasons for you to download EaseUS Todo Backup. We found no competitors that offer this kind of service so far up till now. It's a specialty given by the EaseUS backup software.

A Windows portable USB drive is an exact bootable copy of the Windows installation drive, which contains your customized operating system and settings, programs and games if you have any. Since it's put in a portable USB drive, it's convenient to take it everywhere with you and use your own Windows drive on any device.

Top 10. Responsive Customer Support

An approving, responsive and knowledgeable customer support finally determines a product's quality, and EaseUS values customers' feelings since its foundation. The customer service department takes up almost half of the total staff, and they keep training all the time with IT courses, customer service and remote troubleshooting skills.

Customers can reach real-person support through live chat, email, and phone calls 24 hours from weekday to weekend. Our in-house technical support professional will answer your questions very patiently until eliminate all your concerns.

How to Download EaseUS Todo Backup

Our official website is / and on the top webpage navigation, you can easily find the entrance of Backup & Restore. This is where you can opt for downloading a free trial or purchasing licenses.

And the most direct way on this page to download EaseUS Todo Backup is through the safe download button. If your internet connection is stable, it usually takes 30 seconds to finish downloading.

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