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How to Fix Nexus "Cannot Load System.img"/Android 6.0 Installation Error?

Posted on Mar 28, 2016 by Tracy King to Android Data Recovery

You are unable to install Android 6.0 in your phone? Nexus warns you that it "cannot load system.img". How fix these problems? Professional data recovery producer - EaseUS will provide you effective methods to assist Nexus users fixing “cannot load system.img” error and installing Android 6.0 without any obstacles.

Nexus warns that it cannot load system.img, help.

"Hey guys, do you have ever met system.img loading problem while trying to update Android phone into new system? I'm recently facing such a problem that my Nexus 5 warns me that it cannot load system.img and I cannot install Android 6.0. What can I do?
Can I find a way to fix the problem with ease? Will I lost my present data? Please help me if you do know how to fix Android cannot load system.img error and install Android 6.0 with ease. Thank you very much.
So how to fix such a problem? Here the following, EaseUS will offer you detail solutions and methods to solve all these issues for you.

Step 1. Backup Android phone data before updating

EaseUS recommends Android users to create backups firstly before taking actions to update Android system. Here we recommend you to backup all your personal data into PC for the consideration of data security. If you backup data into Cloud, your privacy may get leaked.

Here you can free download EaseUS MobiSaver for Android and let it to help you backup all personal files and business information to PC with only 3 steps:

Launch software and connect Android device with PC > Let software scan device > Preview and restore.

Backup Android data so to fix Nexus cannot load system.img error.

Step 2. Fix Android 6.0 Marshmallow cannot load system.img and installation failure problem

So now let's see how to effortlessly fix Marshmallow installation failure and Nexus cannot load system.img error:

1. Download Marshmallow factory image for Nexus, extract the .tgz file to a desired folder on your computer and get: radio, bootloader and image file xxx.zip.
2. Unzip the .zip file into a new folder, rename it as update6.
Copy and paste the radio and bootloader files to new folder update6.

3. Now you can see the following files in update6 folder: userdata.img, system.img, recovery.img, cache.img, boot.img, radio*.img, bootloader*.img.
4. Disconnect Nexus from computer. Install ADB and fastboot drives on PC.
5. Boot Nexus into bootloader/fastboot mode:
Turn off the device > Press and hold Volume Download and Power buttons together tile the display comes with Fastboot logo.

6. Connect Nexus with PC by original UBS cable.
Hold Shift and right-click inside the update6 folder, and launch a command window, select Open command window here.

7. Download the flash-manually.bat file and copy it into update6 folder where system.img is saved.
8. Proceed to install Marshmallow update by download click the flash-manually.bat file.

After all these process finishes, reboot Nexus by using volume buttons. So now you have Android 6.0 installed in Nexus and you can import all backups back to your phone so to reuse them again.