How to Download and Update to Android 7.1 without Losing Files?

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This tutorial article provides direct access for you to free download Android 7.1. Don’t worry about losing important files anymore. Just follow to free download and install latest Android 7.1 without losing any files now.

Cannot get Android 7.1 update in Android phone, help!

"Hey there, can you get latest Android 7.1 update in your phone now? I checked online yesterday, it's said that most recent Android phones can get new Android 7.1 update now. But I tried, it failed. Do you know how or where can I get Android 7.1 update?
My phone is Nexus 6P. Please help me

Are you having similar problem that you are unable to get latest Android 7.1 update to be installed in your phone? Relax! All your problems can be solved here now. In the below, we'll provide you direct access for you to get latest Android 7.1 update and you can install it on your phone without losing any personal files. Just follow and see the detail steps now:

Step 1. Backup or extract Android phone data to PC first

In order to avoid unexpected data loss trouble due to Android 7.1 update, it's highly recommended for all Android phone users to backup personal files such as contacts, text messages, photos, videos or other data into PC or Cloud first. (PC is more recommended. Cloud account data are quite easy to get leaked.)

Here you may try professional Android data recovery software - EaseUS MobiSaver for Android  to restore and extract all your personal files and data to PC within 3 simple steps. 

1. Connect your Android phone to computer
Install and run EaseUS MobiSaver for Android and connect your Android phone to the computer with USB cable. 
Then click "Start" button to let the software read and connect your device.
NOTE: As the software can only access the rooted Android device, you need to make sure that your phone has been rooted before recovery.

Backup Android data before update to Android 7.1

2. Scan Android phone to find present and lost data
After connected your Android phone, the software will quickly scan the device to find all the existing and lost data including your lost data.

Update to Android 7.1 with backups.

3. Preview and recover data from Android phone
Preview all the recoverable files one by one and then you can select out those you want to backup and extract quickly.
Finally, you can click "Recover" button to extract those selected data and files to a safe spot in your PC now.
update to Android  7.1 without losing files.

Please select a safe location in your PC to save your Android data and then you can follow next steps to perform Android 7.1 update now.

Step 2. Update to Android 7.1 from Android device

After you've backed up all important data to PC, let's see how to get Android 7.1 installed in your phone now. Here you can have two access to update to Android 7.1:

Access 1. Update to Android 7.1 through system update in Android phone

Go to Settings > About Phone > System Updates > Check for Update > Download > Update now.

Note: Android 7.1 is only available for Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Pixel C and Nexus 9 etc devices. If your phone is not in the list, please wait till Android 7.1 update has arrived on your Phone.

Access 2. Download and update to Android 7.1 as a developer

If you are a developer user or you have a developer user account for Android OS, you can also go to android developer's website and get download latest Android 7.1 update as a developer user:

Download Android 7.1 as developer

Then you can download a test version as a developer to install in your Android phone, follow the onscreen instructions to set up your phone and enjoy new features of Android 7.1 then.

If you found some important data are lost or disappeared, you can important those data from backups in your PC to your phone and continue using them again.
If you don't have backups, relax! Best Android data recovery software - EaseUS MobiSaver for Android will help you out.

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